How to clean a TV screen – make it pristine and avoid damage

It’s fundamental to understand how to clean a Television screen the proper way. Today’s television screens have coatings that may be permanently broken by inappropriate cleaning methods and merchandise. As well as older televisions need careful cleaning to prevent injury to the television.

Regular cleaning from the Television screen is essential though, in case your viewing isn’t to become compromised through the dust, smears and fingerprints that may accumulate onto it. Along with the right strategy it’s always easy that won’t take lengthy either.

Use our guide and expert ideas to uncover how you can clean a Television screen effectively and without causing damage to what’s, unquestionably, the very best TV you can afford.

1. Switch Off The Television

Before starting the entire process of cleaning a Television screen, switch them back in the outlet and unplug it, too.

In addition to a sensible safety procedure, unplugging the television causes it to be simpler to determine any marks on screen so there’ll be you don’t need to repeat how you behave because of any missed smears on screen.


To eliminate dust, smears, and fingerprints in the screen make use of a clean microfiber cloth – we advise a top quality microfiber, for example Mr Siga’s microfiber cloths offered on Amazon . com – you are able to differentiate between high and low quality microfiber within our experience.

‘An abrasive cloth could scratch the screen,’ states Asher Weinstein of projector and screen specialists Which means no to sponges either, that could also damage the screen.

‘Wipe the screen having a microfiber cloth one way then wipe it again within the other direction to completely cover the whole screen,’ advises Ana Andres, co-founding father of TidyChoice. Make certain to operate lightly to prevent potential injury to the screen.

When the TV manufacturer provided a cloth using the television with this task, this could, obviously, be utilized rather.

Simply after this method might be sufficient to get rid of all of the dust and marks in the Television screen, by which situation this really is all that you should do in order to clean a Television screen.

3. Cope With Persistent MARKS

Or no marks remain, the following stage of the entire process of how you can clean a Television screen is to cope with these.

‘If you will find fingerprints or spots, lightly wipe having a very soft microfiber wiper along with a very little bit of water,’ states germ prevention expert Tricia Holderman. Always employ sterilized water and dampen the material – you shouldn’t spray water or any other liquid onto a Television screen to prevent damage and safety hazards.

‘Gently rub the dirty place, then dry when needed,’ Tricia states. Make certain the drying is performed having a soft microfiber cloth, too.

Some TV manufacturers do allow using a very weak mild dish soap solution if marks remain. Again, the liquid ought to be applied through the cloth and never sprayed to the screen. Just use this process in case your TV manufacturer specifies it and follow its guidelines about how dilute the dish soap ought to be. Don’t place pressure on screen while you clean from the stain.


For those who have a tube TV (CRTV) in your house, then your cleaning procedure is a touch different, and you may really use window cleaning spray to wash the TV’s screen. Make use of a slightly moist microfiber cloth, and use the cleaning spray towards the cloth before washing the screen. It’s essential that you don’t spray the merchandise directly to the screen.

Wipe lightly to wash, after which dry to prevent smudges.