How to clean a microwave – easy ways to get it spotless and fresh

Microwaves make preparing lots of favorite foods in addition to tasty leftovers easy, but spills and splatters happen, so understanding how to wash a microwave easily is efficacious.

In addition to satisfying the requirements of excellent hygiene when cleaning a kitchen area, cleaning a microwave correctly is really a task which will banish lingering and uncomfortable odors, while eliminating food debris also ensures the inside from the appliance will stay in good shape.

Here, we consider the methods to clean a microwave, including using kitchen ingredients, and also the experts weigh along with their attempted and tested methods.


In case your microwave includes a turntable, stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to get rid of it and wash utilizing a gentle soap. You could possibly place it within the dishwasher, but look into the manual prior to doing so.

Should there be any difficult-to-remove deposits, make use of a non-abrasive pad to tackle them.


If you were asking how you can clean a microwave, you might be very happy to hear that cleaning its interior is simpler than doing exactly the same for that oven because spills and splatters don’t bake onto interior surfaces in the same manner. Therefore, wiping lower having a soft cloth and tepid to warm water can freshen the inside of the microwave.

If there’s residue that’s just a little persistent, washing the interior can nonetheless be straightforward. ‘Use a wet cloth and warm soapy water to remove the meals residue and grease,’ states cleaning expert at Jessica Samson. Use warm water to wipe lower later on.

Cleaning with sodium bicarbonate is definitely an alternative for any microwave with increased soiling. ‘Add 4 tablespoons sodium bicarbonate to 4 glasses of water,’ advises Candice Schulz, Chief executive officer and co-founding father of Maid2Match. ‘Make sure you mix rid of it therefore the sodium bicarbonate is totally dissolved. Dip a cloth within the mixture and wipe within the microwave, ensuring to obtain every nook and cranny.’ Rinse completely utilizing a cloth dampened with warm water.

An alternate if there’s dried-on food or grease is by using vinegar. ‘In a microwave safe bowl, add 1 cup water with 1/2 cup of white-colored vinegar,’ states Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, president of expert cleaners ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. ‘Set the bowl inside your microwave and microwave on high for 5-10 minutes. Once this is accomplished, wait just a few minutes after which wipe within the microwave clean having a microfiber cloth.’


Getting knowledgable on how to clean a microwave does mean being conscious of the best way to clean the outside.

Just like when cleaning a dishwasher, mild water and soap are sufficient for that exterior use the solution having a soft cloth. Rinse having a moist soft cloth, then dry with another soft cloth. Your window could be easily wiped having a moist cloth.

Wipe the user interface having a moist soft cloth, too, but make certain you dry it straightaway.


Even if you be savvy on how to clean a microwave, it’s usually worth adopting techniques which means that there’s less cleaning to complete to begin with.

’The the easy way cope with spills would be to prevent them, so try placing a microwave cover over your dishes,’ recommends Molly Maid president Vera Peterson.