How to clean a mattress – 9 steps to a fresher bed

A great bed mattress is definitely an costly investment, would you like to make certain it lasts for several years – which means mastering how you can fix it.

Every bed mattress needs cleaning a minimum of every six several weeks and, should you suffer allergic reactions and have pets, then it’s much more important. Martha Stewart explains: ‘Even if you are using a bed mattress protector – and almost all bed mattress manufacturers and experts suggest you need to do – sleep could possibly get dirty with time. Dustmites, dead skin cells and sweat can seep lower in to the mattress’ fibers, causing stains and uncomfortable odors. And also, since you cannot simply toss your bed mattress in to the washer if this requires a refresh, it’s not hard to think that cleaning yours is really a hassle.’

The good thing is that cleaning a bed mattress is way simpler than brought to think. Continue reading to uncover the nine foolproof steps that may help you keep the bed mattress clean throughout the year.

1. GATHER YOUR Bed mattress Cleaning Utility Caddy

Vacuum by having an upholstery attachment ?

Enzyme cleaner or dish soap ?

Laundry soap

Peroxide – for protein-based stains

Sodium bicarbonate?

Cleaning cloths ?

Use of cold water?


Strip your bed of bedding, including any bed mattress pads and also the bed mattress protector. Wash all bedding based on the manufacturer’s directions and don’t your investment duvet for those who have one.

3. VACUUM THE Bed mattress

‘Vacuum your bed mattress using the upholstery attachment,’ states Sabrina Fierman. ‘We always recommend canister type vacuums with attachments. Make certain to purchase the very best vacuum for any more powerful, much deeper clean. Make sure to make use of the crevasse attachment for edges and folds.’

Sally Hancox, Buying Manager at Soak & Sleep, states: ‘Use vacuum pressure to wash every side to guarantee the elimination of all hair and dirt.’


‘For an excellent-fresh bed mattress, make use of a specialist bed mattress cleaning solution for just about any stains, and finished by spraying gently having a fabric freshener to create a pleasant fresh scent,’ states Sally.

‘Using fabric sprays, deodorizers or sanitizers in your bed mattress is a great way to ensure that it stays clean and fresh, but always ensure to not use an excessive amount of and try to make certain it’s bone dry before re-making sleep.’

Sabrina comments: ‘You may also help make your own with common household items. For protein based stains (bloodstream, sweat, urine), make use of an enzyme cleaner.’ See below on her do-it-your-self recipes:

5. AIR DRY YOUR Bed mattress

Always air dry completely, states Sabrina, as moisture inside your bed mattress can grow mold or mildew.

How do we air dry your bed mattress? Adam Black, Co-founder, Button & Sprung, advises: ‘It’s smart to regularly air your bed mattress by removing all the sheets – such as the bed mattress protector – and departing the area with all the home windows open for any couple of hrs it will help the bed mattress to self-ventilate.’

And Soak & Sleep’s Sally Hancox states you may also do that for half and hour while you are being prepared for your day, adding: ‘Keep things healthy by airing sleep every day. 30 minutes approximately while you are showering and becoming outfitted should have the desired effect.

‘This helps excess moisture to evaporate so that your bed stays fresher and cleaner. Once per week you need to air sleep for any couple of hrs by going back all bedding in the bed mattress to permit any moisture to evaporate.’