How to clean a fireplace – these expert tips will keep your fireplace looking its best

It’s fundamental to understand how to clean a hearth correctly if you wish to bare this focal-point feature searching its best for many years.

Within the cooler several weeks, our fireplaces get lots of use, so ought to be in the centre of the family room ideas. However, if you haven’t cleaned it for some time, your hearth might be searching lackluster, requiring a great brighten up to send it back to the former glory.

‘Fireplaces need attention and care if they’re to look great and work efficiently – whether simple surefire or extremely extravagant marble creations,’ states Roger Search

Furthermore fires as well as their surrounds accumulate grime from day-to-day use, but open fires could possibly get particularly dirty from smoke and ash.

How You Can CLEAN A BRICK Hearth

With time brick fireplaces may become ingrained with dirt and blackened with smoke, and removing it may present challenges.

Chemical cleaning could work but might cause staining, and care must be taken to not saturate the brickwork when washing off,’ states Search.

‘Meanwhile, water-based methods may lead to efflorescence.’ This is where white-colored deposits arrived at the top of brick.

Many householders do have the ability to effectively clean their brick fireplaces simply using water that contains dish soap, along with a scrubbing brush.

In the event that doesn’t work, then you may attempt to utilize a more powerful cleaning solution for example ammonia, borax or perhaps vinegar.

If efflorescence exists when the bricks are dry, you will be able to take it off having a stiff brush.

Keep in mind that any harsh cleaning methods could diminish the type of the older hearth, so continue but be careful, and try to trial your selected method on the small area before you apply it towards the rest, passing on opportunity to fully dry among.

Consult a specialist when cleaning a characterful brick hearth inside a period home.

How You Can CLEAN A STONE Hearth

‘Easily broken, stone and marble may discolor because of smoke deposits, suffer staining from dark wine or rust and may crack,’ states Search.

For general cleaning, stone fireplaces could be elevated with tepid to warm water that contains a tiny bit of bleach, but make sure to safeguard surrounding areas.

‘The surfaces of stone and marble are often broken by household cleaners when they contain any acidity, so make certain you purchase specialist supplies. Always test cleaners on the small, off traffic area first,’ adds Search.

However, stains can be challenging to get rid of from stone fireplaces. ‘In my experience, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of smoke stains from the stone hearth,’ states Chris Wright, of hearth restoration specialist PJ Wright & Sons.

‘A bleach poultice does apply with a stains but make certain it doesn’t possess a lime inhibitor. I’ve found that oil can’t be removed, nor can rust.’

Therefore, for difficult stains or valuable fireplaces, it’s better to see a professional for the greatest result feasible for your hearth.

How You Can CLEAN A MARBLE Hearth

‘To clean a marble hearth, a duster and some marble polish won’t inflict harm,’ states Nick Durrant of Nostalgia Antique Fireplaces and Interiors.

Michael Brown from the Antique Hearth Restoration Company states a cream cleanser or perhaps a bleach-based product ought to be dependable on marble, but advises that acidic products will begin dissolving it.

‘As lengthy while you remain on the alkaline spectrum you ought to be OK, but there’s no middle step – the next thing is to repolish, that involves sanding the marble and it is a professional job.’

For additional severe staining, Wright recommends proceeding carefully. ‘Marble ought to be treated meticulously and it is frequently that is better left to specialists,’ he states.

‘A marble fire surround can often be cleaned having a detergent after which waxed and buffed, but test on the small area first.’