How to choose the best kitchen flooring – your options explained

The very best kitchen floors needs to score highly when it comes to its functionality, while its aesthetic characteristics are equally fundamental to any aficionado of effective interior planning.

Yet, despite these twin demands, there are various kinds of flooring that are offered to match an entire selection of kitchen ideas.

The Very Best Kitchen Floors OPTIONS

Using the breadth of preference in your mind, the issue of how to pick the very best kitchen floors is vital. Each kitchen floors option has its own particular characteristics, and its care demands, and a few can suit certain households and lifestyles greater than others.

KITCHEN Ceramic Tile

Kitchen tile is really a hygienic, attractive and simple to wash flooring option. While it’s one category, there are actually a range of materials that kitchen tile can be created, each using its own characteristics:

Porcelain tile could be a relatively affordable tile choice. Having a large range of patterns and colors available, it can make obtaining the look you would like easy. In addition to allowing selection between finishes, for example matte and gloss, porcelain tile may also have the look of materials like stone and wood.

The main reason you may eliminate ceramic kitchen ceramic tile ideas? You will find kitchen floors options which are more hard putting on and that could therefore be more suitable inside a busy household.

Ceramic can also be more porous than tile. This really is less essential in a kitchen area than the usual bathroom, but lower porosity might help prevent staining.

Tile is yet another choice that’s simple enough in your pocket when thinking about kitchen tile costs, even though it will probably are more expensive than ceramic. Once more, there’s a great deal of color and finished, as well as the accessibility to both plain and patterned tile makes it simple to offer the style you would like within the room.

Like ceramic, porcelain can make the illusion that it is made from gemstone or wood. Porcelain is straightforward to wash and take care of, very durable, and difficult to break.

You will find couple of downsides, but porcelain isn’t kind to dropped objects because it’s so difficult. Like ceramic, it may also feel unyielding underfoot and, unless of course it’s teamed with underfloor heating, will feel awesome which may be unwelcome in certain climates.

Gemstone tile is really a stylish and sturdy kitchen floors choice. Select from gemstones for example granite, limestone, travertine, marble and slate, which each and every their very own natural characteristics of color and veining. Gemstone gives your floor a distinctive quality that can’t be achieved with man made options.

While it’s hygienic like a flooring and simple to help keep clean, gemstone requires more care than porcelain or ceramic flooring. Stone is porous in various levels, and for that reason sealing is essential to avoid stains. Sealing at installation, or pre-sealed tiling, is essential, and gemstone must also be resealed at times through the years.

Like other tiles, gemstone is really a surface which isn’t forgiving if the item is dropped, doesn’t offer any give underfoot, and without underfloor heating feels awesome, which can be an unwelcome sensation based on where you reside.


Wood kitchen floors can strike a hot and welcoming note. Select between solid timber and engineered versions, which both come at an array of cost points.

Engineered wooden flooring ought to be the first consideration for logical reasons. The benefit of engineered wooden flooring is its structure, which makes it more dimensionally stable within the altering temperature and moisture levels brought on by the cooking process.

Wood flooring isn’t unthinkable, even though some suppliers don’t recommend it as being a choice for kitchens. If it’s your choice, excellent ventilation for that room is vital, and it is advisable to determine the warranty before purchase.

You’ll be able to scratch, stain and mark wooden flooring, nevertheless its advantage is it could be sanded and re-finished if required. Wiping up spills straightaway and regular cleaning should avoid this becoming necessary.

Wooden flooring is a touch more forgiving around the ft than tile, in addition to naturally warmer.