How to choose kitchen lighting – with advice from design experts

Knowing how to pick kitchen lighting is a vital part of the room’s design. Without good lighting for all and cooking, and for the dining and day to day living that can take place within the room, the area will are unsuccessful.

Obviously, kitchen lighting ideas should lead aesthetically in addition to playing operator practically. Just like elements for example cabinetry, counters, wall decor, and flooring, lighting materials, finishes, and colours in addition to style and shape are essential to the room’s look.

Here, we examine how to pick kitchen lighting effectively with advice in the experts.

‘The best lighting option would be to specify a lighting plan that enables vibrant task lighting within the countertops in which the preparing food takes place, and warm, low lighting for that visitors,’ states Tom Howley, design director in the eponymous kitchen company.

‘There may be considered a 10 ft between both of these completely different light sources, however it makes the field of impact on your guests’ entertaining experience and also the chef or even the host’s cooking experience. Proper lighting will encourage visitors to enjoy and relax your kitchen and also the informal dining experience.’

Planning kitchen lighting that fulfils these roles will contain task, ambient, and accent (also referred to as feature) lighting.


Regions of your kitchen for example counters, the number, cooktop, and sink have to be especially well lit for safe and simple preparation, cooking, along with other tasks. Think about the task lighting – for example kitchen wall lighting ideas – that will illuminate these areas early while selecting kitchen lighting.

‘Lighting schemes are a crucial part of kitchen planning as there’s nothing worse than the usual candle lit work space,’ states Melissa Klink, mind of design at Harvey Johnson. ‘Position spots directly above key areas to guarantee the light isn’t blocked when you stand in the sink, hob or counter. Utilize under-cabinet lighting to light up counters along with a lit hood can offer lighting for the kitchen area.’

What’s crucial is staying away from shadows. ‘Try to lessen shadows focused areas then when leaning over-the-counter the lights shouldn’t be directly behind you,’ states Piero De Marchis, director, Detail Lighting. ‘Linear Brought lighting will work for reducing shadows, above cabinets, under cabinets or straight line trimless strips within the ceiling.’

Wall lights might be used high aren’t wall cabinets, while ceiling lights can offer task lighting, however they must focus light around the work space.

Kitchen island lighting ideas, for example pendant lights, might need to work as task lighting during preparing food, but because ambient lighting for your area when the cooking has ended. ‘We frequently recommend incorporating pendant lights which are easily dimmable,’ states David Amos, Chief executive officer at Amos Lighting Home. ‘This is to be able to lessen the brightness lower if you have finished the food preparation after which possess a relaxed atmosphere to socialize with visitors and family.’


A room’s ambient lights are the overall background illumination, and it is a vital component when selecting kitchen lighting. It ought to be planned considering just how much sun light the area receives, but needs to supply a comfortable and uniform degree of light for that room whatsoever hrs.

Ambient lighting might originate from variations of ceiling designs for example recessed or surface lighting, or pendant lights or chandeliers. ‘In newer projects, I have seen bulkhead lighting working perfectly,’ states Karan Primary, director, The Primary Company. ‘This has two positives, the sunlight is gloomier and for that reason altering the bulb is simpler.

‘Bulkhead lighting means getting the ceiling level lower, usually round the perimeter from the room and also at a number of heights from 8 to 24 inches (20 to 60cm) – it all depends around the total height from the room. Usually bulkhead lighting will focus directly lower to the countertop level, so there’s no worry of waiting in one’s own shadow.’