How to choose a shower – A guide to choosing the best shower types and technology for your bathroom

Understanding how to find a shower that will work perfectly and last through daily me is vital, since nobody wants the disruption of getting to alter this kind of integral fitting.

As the right tiles, paint color or sanitaryware will always be likely to be hugely important when searching at bathroom ideas, the running, ‘moving’ parts are possibly the key of.

Knowing the kind of boiler you’ve and also the water pressure it offers, or if you have to install your brand-new shower onto a cavity or party wall, may even assist you to narrow lower your shower choices. For instance, large walk-in shower ideas will probably need a more effective shower, and for that reason good water pressure.

We have put together a few of the latest styles, with expert tips, to simplify the procedure.

Do You Know The Various Kinds Of SHOWER?

You will find three primary kinds of shower:

Electric showers

Mixer showers

Digital showers

The best for you is determined by a couple of things – the way you would like your shower to appear, which kind of boiler you’ve, your financial allowance as well as your water pressure.


Thermostatic mixer showers are the most typical kind of shower available and therefore are offered in 2 parts: the valve and also the shower mind.

The valve may be the technical ingredient that consumes cold and hot water out of your system and it has controls for modifying temperature and flow.

You are able to go for an uncovered valve, which sits on the top of wall, or perhaps a hidden mixer, that is baked into the wall with only the controls showing.

Obtainable in a great deal of styles from classic to ultra-sleek, you can easily locate one to match. Nonetheless they require good water pressure so will not suit every home, unless of course you put in a pump.


These wall-mounted units heat cold mains water when needed, which makes them a cost-effective option.

Designs are restricted, but electric showers are specifically helpful in adding a second bathroom as well as in busy households, in which the other shower types lose pressure whenever a tap is switched on or perhaps a WC is flushed elsewhere in the home. As basement bathroom ideas go, for instance, an electrical model is good.

They’re also provided with a pump to improve water pressure.


Fancy a good showering experience, where one can pre-set the temperature and waterflow and drainage or switch between various kinds of spray? You’ll need a digital shower.

Like thermostatic showers, digital models comprise a double edged sword: a diverter that mixes cold and hot water just like a valve, along with a shower mind. The main difference would be that the diverter box could be positioned anywhere – even outdoors the area, say alongside an en suite bathroom – for any neat finish. Particularly helpful when preparing a shower the perception of a little bathroom.

And it also has wireless control, so that you can run water for your preferred temperature before walking in.

Programmable settings allow each member of the family to obtain their preferred heat and flow option, for example relaxing, soothing, effective and invigorating.

This Mira digital shower even enables you to keep an eye on time (or set the timer if you are worried about water consumption) around the digital clock display.