How much does it cost to have kitchen cabinets painted? What you need to know

If you’re considering getting cabinets repainted, you might be curious about the price.

Dealing with an entire-kitchen renovation must knows could be untidy, time-consuming and costly. However, if you are searching to provide your kitchen area fresh appeal, an easy respray may be the answer. But exactly how much will it cost to possess cabinets colored?

You might be amazed. In case your tired cabinets need some TLC, a repaint may be the easiest – and many affordable – solution.

Just How Much Will It COST TO REPAINT Cabinets?

The treatment depends on how big your kitchen area, but you will probably pay between $75/£50 to $150/£100 per cabinet to possess cabinets repainted. So, for those who have 10 cabinets inside your kitchen, you will probably pay between $750/£500 to $1500/£1000.

Prices will be different based on the intricacy from the job – flat-fronted cabinet and drawer doorways is going to be faster and for that reason cheaper to repaint than individuals with beading, for instance. Be sure to include side panels – and count on paying a lot more for that interior of cabinetry to become considered.

Could It Be CHEAPER To Color OR REPLACE Cabinets?

It may be a minimum of 50% cheaper to color your kitchen area cabinets instead of ask them to replaced, and perhaps much more.

If you wish to go one step further inside your update, it’s a good idea to swap the handles for brand new ones as well as the countertop, too. You will subsequently be playing a refreshed kitchen that appears completely new, with no full price of really installing a replacement.

As replacing cabinets can certainly cost more than $15,000/£10,000, repainting is definitely an inspired idea for any stylish makeover.

Just How Much Will It COST TO RESPRAY Cabinets?

Obviously, each kitchen differs but, as a guide, budget around $75/£50 to $150/£100 for every cabinet, and multiply this by the amount of cabinets that require spraying.

Getting cabinets resprayed instead of colored can produce a more seamless finish, which is important for those who have selected a kitchen area cabinet paint having a glossy sheen.

Just How Much Will It COST To Possess CABINETS PROFESSIONALLY Colored?

To find the best finish, it is best to have your kitchen area resprayed with a professional, and also the above costs – from around $750/£500 to $1,500/£1,000 – are how much to pay for a specialist for 10 cabinets.