Homes & Gardens’ Color of the Month: October – moody gray

A grey that straddles the limitations between blue, eco-friendly, and grey could be a lot of things: in the forefront or perhaps a chic background that showcases art and objects. However, beyond its versatility, this color has equal prestige within the trends department – because it combines three of the very most searched for-after shades of 2021.

Why Is Eco-friendly-Grey OCTOBER’S Colour Of THE MONTH?

Using their organic roots and eternal allure, we predict grey, eco-friendly, and powder blue continuously set color trends all year round ahead – but looks particularly beautiful this October – when dark and moody tones reign supreme.

The colour, that is simple to accept, looks beautiful in west-or south-facing rooms while being suitably moody in spaces with less light. The second is essential this month when signs of year feel more and more apparent using the longer nights – fueled through the clocks falling back in the finish from the month.

How Can We BRING Eco-friendly-Grey INTO OUR HOMES?

1. DRENCH Your Kitchen Area CABINETS Within The COLORS Periodic HUES

‘Plume by Atelier Ellis (above) is amazingly comfortable on cabinets: it isn’t blue for food, also it really loves being near an outdoor,’ explains Cassandra Ellis, founder at Atelier Ellis. The colour guru continues, explaining that despite its moody undertones, she designed the colour to include a feeling of mystery for your interiors – and reshape your kitchen area paint ideas along the way.

‘When I made the colour, I needed so that it is almost magical. It has very little black but rather uses oxides and umber to create a color which will I believe brings many people pleasure.’ she states.

2. USE Eco-friendly-Grey To Intensify ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES

Clara Ewart, mind of design at Kitesgrove, explains that they labored with paint powerhouse Farrow & Ball (above) to produce an eponymous new tone that suits the colour from the Month perfectly.

‘[It is a] blue-gray-eco-friendly-hue that actually works very well by itself like a stick out color for an entire room, or being an accent to focus on a unique furniture piece, favorite artwork, or perhaps a room’s statement architectural detailing for example architraves, doorways or home windows,’ Clara explains.


‘Darker tones have a tendency to work particularly well when coupled with pops of strong color. I believe this color really complements cobalt blue, bold reds, or vibrant yellow because of its warmth and simple tone,’ shares H&G favorite and inventive director of VSP Interiors, Henriette Von Stockhausen.

‘It’s additionally a great backdrop for strong artwork and antique gilt frames,’ she adds.

4. Produce A GALLERY WALL – Having A Periodic FLAIR

‘I love using this type of color on walls because it enables works of art and portraits to actually shout, explains Anna Haines, founding father of Anna Haines Design. After discussing her gallery wall ideas, Anna also suggests pairing the ‘calming and quiet’ shade like a backdrop ‘for a variety of wealthy textiles, decorative antique rugs, and furniture.’


‘Using dark hues around the walls could be very good at an area, specifically if you use lighter colors within the approaching hallway,’ suggests Caroline Inchyra, founding father of Inchyra.

‘In an area that leads to evening use or wintery days while watching fire, curled track of a magazine, you need to create an enveloping feel, which is enhanced by using heavier-weight fabrics like linens and wools,’ she adds.

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