Home office desk ideas – 5 stylish choices for a home workstation

It may be simple to think functionality first when assessing office at home desk ideas. But while a desk should be ergonomic, it ought to suit your fashion sense in the same manner as almost every other furniture piece in your house.

Step from the dull and also the corporate and there’s a variety of desks that may complement your home’s architecture as well as your tastes in the modern and minimalist to elegant period furniture. The types of materials that the desk may be made along with color options increase the breadth of preference.

Here, we’ve come up with desk inspiration you are able to combine with your other office at home ideas to create a chic in addition to practical course along with expert consultancy from designers to help your decision.

1. COMBINE New And Old

Mixing older pieces with modern office at home ideas can make your home feel individual and provide it the look of a lengthy-established and enjoyed room instead of an exciting-new addition, along with a desk with period credentials or perhaps an authentic lookalike could be a great choice.

‘The desk is really a vintage piece which was repurposed with this office and that i love the way it superbly balances our prime gloss lacquered paint and contemporary chandelier,’ states Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic of the room.


Consider both free standing furniture and built-in options in your office at home setup.

‘With more and more people working at home, you should create practical and comfy spaces to work,’ states Louise Wicksteed, design director at London and Gloucestershire-based designers Sim cards Hilditch.

‘We suggest incorporating bespoke joinery right into a study to create best utilisation of the available space. Joinery with installed drawers and cupboards offers great storage for office stationery, files and books which otherwise may clutter the region.’

3. Generate COLOR

A workplace you’re needed to go to by a company may major in dull shades, but with regards to office at home design tips color is certainly a choice. Pine wood furniture could be colored within the shade you’d rather result in the workstation pop.

Set against white-colored paneling this attractive blue desk has standout, even though the rest of the plan uses neutral colors the patterned wallpaper and blend of tactile materials provides the whole depth.

4. Squeeze DESK Conspicuously

Inside a bigger office at home, moving the desk from the walls can be obtained being an option, and enables other working areas to become produced from the walls.

‘To optimize space and performance, multiple worktops are key,’ states Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Design. ‘A floating desk is a terrific way to create a focus because it draws the attention to the middle of the area. We frequently add yet another work space behind the floating desk that may be utilized as needed.’

When the desk will be located centrally, remember to organize in outlets for computers and desk lamps to prevent trailing wires. Alternatively, choose a hidden desk for those who have a little office at home or only a little space inside a separate room.

5. Alter The LINES

While office at home desk ideas frequently feature straight lines, think about a curvaceous alternative for any softer effect. A classic or reproduction design could produce the contrast towards the room’s horizontals and verticals that you’re searching for and can help bring the area to existence.

Should you not possess the space for any bigger desk such as this one, think about a console-style design with switched legs which could introduce elegant curves to some office at home – although on the smaller sized scale.