Hollywood stars are battling it out to own this Paul R. Williams home – here’s why

This is an humble property in the outdoors, low and hidden behind gates along with a lengthy white-colored wall. Step with the gates right into a tranquil courtyard and also you start to see important special. You will find views from the neighbouring Getty Rental property and behind it the mountain tops, then palms along with a perfect ocean view within the other way. And there is more, a lot more.

Built-in 1927, it had been certainly one of famous architect Paul R Williams’ first commissions and carrying out a stunning interior makeover it is up for purchase. A number of Celebrities have viewed it and there is presently a putting in a bid war to possess it.

Johnson (1894-1980) designed greater than 2,500 structures in the career. Most, such as this one, were around La and lots of of individuals happen to be homes to a few of the greatest stars. He built houses for Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant, and, more lately, Ellen DeGeneres, Denzel Washington and Andy Garcia all lived on qualities created by Johnson. His architectural style grew to become symbolic of Southern Californian glamor and the homes continue to be highly searched for after though they rarely show up for purchase.

Any kind of Paul R Williams’ homes would capture the interest and could be up there one of the world’s best homes, however this particular Johnson creation in Castellammare, Off-shore Palisades, has truly got people speaking. It’s also sparked a flurry of celebrity viewings while offering excess of the selling price ($3,998,000, since you are asking).


Within the last 2 yrs this Tuscan-inspired farmhouse continues to be Julia Dempster’s home. She’s labored her way with the interiors, updating, refreshing and significantly altering in places, where it had been needed. The prior owner had resided there for 52 many the home have been largely untouched for the reason that time. ‘We found 8 layers of wallpaper within the bathroom, including 1970s fish in shades of eco-friendly,’ states Julia. ‘Everything was within layer of dust and grease, however i am fortunate that whenever I enter an area, I can tell the possibility and i’m very grateful for your when i required to use my imagination fully extent.’

Your kitchen was gutted, though Julia opted to support the beautiful concrete ceiling. ‘It only agreed to be so textural and earthy and that i was inspired through the 1 hotels,’ she states. The cupboards were custom made, though a significant setback because of the work happening during lockdown could be that the café appliances were sold-out having a lead duration of 10 several weeks. Within the finish, Julia needed to choose options to avoid a extended wait.

Supply issues notwithstanding, there are many stylish kitchen ideas worth borrowing out of this industrious space. Your kitchen was dark and pie, so Julia desired to ensure that it stays open and lightweight with open shelving with built-in lighting. The wall sconces and ceiling lighting is from Amber Interiors.

The walls are lined in Moroccan tadelakt which Julia states is ideal for wet areas because it is robust but soft to touch. ‘What was really a weird layout along with a kitchen, we opened up up making a wine cellar. I added one behind outdoors shelves when i love the very fact it can make the rooms appear much bigger and adds much-needed light,’ she states. The antique rug comes from Kier Designs.

Dining Area UPDATE

‘This dining area was initially a trompe l’oeil and most likely too busy for this type of small room,’ states Julia. ‘We returned to basics and that i found an attractive concrete ceiling that we uncovered, I loved the earthy warmth it provided the area.

One of the dining area ideas worth borrowing out of this compact space would be the circular concrete dining room table, selected since it echoed the ceiling and also the polished concrete floors. Julia juxtapositioned the table from the rough texture from the sisal rug, the cleanliness from the white-colored walls and RH lighting fixtures. The artwork was from Malibu Market Design, cushions from Missoni Home, dining room chairs on castors, also from RH.

Family Room SPLENDOR

‘In the family room we altered the flooring, that was inside a terrible condition – I never recognized the level from the work once the house have been crammed filled with the prior owner’s possessions,’ states Julia. ‘We replaced the electrics within the whole home, because it still had that old-fashioned round fuses. We added picture lights, ceiling lights to light up the gorgeous ceiling, and colored the walls. The steel home windows counseled me refurbished and colored black to highlight their lines. The entire home is very private with amazing views, that have been maximized through the original architecture.’

It was the main one room in which the primary elements were left untouched throughout the renovation, and also the family room ideas here are only for improving the exisiting architectural great thing about the area. The furnishings was curated from Nigeria, using the sofa from RH.

Certainly one of Julia’s favorite additions this is actually the olive tree, that can bring the greenery inside.


This room around the lower first floor was probably the most challenging space within the renovation because it was included in along side it from the hill. Terracotta steps with antique glazed tiles lead lower in the first floor to some garden room, that when Julia required within the property was nothing more than a lean-to. Before she could begin to change it together with her garden room ideas, there is lots of remedial try to be achieved.

‘I needed to switch the structure but were able to save the gorgeous wood-beamed ceiling. We’d to exchange all of the home windows and that i specified Pinkys custom-made steel doorways, one for reds bi-fold therefore the whole wall opens to the terraces,’ she explains. ‘I wanted this to become a less formal family area, with practical colors because it would essentially encompass in-out living. I outfitted the area with African artifacts collected on my small travels.’