Hallway mirror ideas – 5 ways to brighten your entryway

Hallway mirror ideas are an easy and quick method to instantly transform the appear and feel of the entryway. An excellent method to maximize light and make a fantasy of space, mirrors can enjoy a huge part in developing a warm and uplifting welcome for visitors because they enter your house.

‘Mirrors are the simplest way to create a space appear bigger and better, particularly in areas just like a hallway where it may be dark and narrow. Getting one through the door also provides you with the right chance for any last-minute outfit check before leaving the home,’ states Mike Hood, co-founder & chief creative officer at Amara.

Additionally for their practical uses, because of so many designs to select from, mirrors are a good chance introducing personality right into a hallway, that is a space that may be easily overlooked with regards to decorating. To help you get inspired we’ve put together a range of mirrors to increase your listing of hallway ideas.

As spaces by which we don’t spend immeasureable time, it may be simple to overlook hallways with regards to decor, but they could be a fabulous place to create a design statement to thrill visitors.

‘Don’t feel you need to stick to a conventional rectangle you may create as much impact having a sculptural mirror as possible with a bit of art, so I love to search for more unconventional shapes to create a real statement,’ states Sue Johnson co-founder and inventive director at Oka.


For those who have a house with grand proportions a good a cue in the architecture and showcase a big architectural mirror? Echoing a window frame, this huge mirror improves the symmetry, light and luxury of the space as the slightly distressed glass adds delicate texture.


Alcoves could be beautiful architectural features – instead of box them in why don’t you create a feature of these with the addition of a sculptural mirror and console table, as shown here?

This sleek, stylish hallway mirror makes fantastic utilisation of the narrow space and is a practical way to produce a decorative feature in a tiny room where scope for decorating is restricted. Positioned directly opposite the leading door, this mirror reflects maximum light into the space, that is particularly helpful inside a hallway.


As functional spaces frequently paved with hard, practical flooring, hallways can occasionally feel cold and uninviting, but adding a circular mirror will instantly soften the area.

‘We frequently like to utilize a round mirror. The curvature sits in nice contrast towards the sharper lines of the console table or fitting inside a hallway, getting a softer edge towards the space,’ states Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sim cards Hilditch.

A circular mirror is another cute cottage hallway idea, particularly when coupled with furniture and accessories in rustic natural materials as well as an aged limestone hallway flooring idea.


For those who have a little hallway or are searching for entryway suggestions for apartments then think about a floor to ceiling mirrored surface because this is the best light- and space-boosting device.

To create much more light in to the an area, consider teaming reflective surfaces with hallway lighting ideas. Positioning lamps on the console table before a hallway mirror allows additional light to become reflected round the space after dusk.


Similar to a Parisian townhouse, this beautiful panelling features a built-in mirror adding for an air of opulence and luxury. Within this situation, the ornate woodwork from the panelling results in a frame for that mirror, however for individuals without ornate panelling can consider hunting in antique shops for beautiful antique designs with decorative frames.