Half bathroom ideas – 5 inspirational looks for transforming a small space

Half bathrooms can be created to bring along a punch, whatever their size.

‘In most homes, it will likely be a little room, tucked off an entrance hall or possibly in the attic,’ states Louise Ashdown, mind of design at West One Bathrooms. ‘But it will likewise be one sector seen most frequently by visitors, so why wouldn’t you utilize it being an chance introducing some impact and show-stopping style?’

As the essential ingredients will be a basin, faucet, mirror and toilet, there are many methods to decorate with style and boost the feeling of space. For the half bathroom ideas, select from a number of compact fittings, introduce bold color or playful wallpaper or layer in the textures, and relish the chance to test out bathroom ideas and options you may be just a little scared to test elsewhere.


By their nature, most half baths are small – so make every element count with eye-catching fittings, just like you’d when searching for powder room ideas.

Here, interior designer Amy Meier of Amy Meier Design has opted for beautiful stone basin and paired it by having an unusual mirror having a sculptural surround. The elegant design is finished with hands-colored Silk Tree wall covering on the gilded ground from de Gournay.


Just like when you are thinking about small bathroom ideas, it’s worth searching at wall-hung fittings, that will release floor area and raise the feeling of space inside a half bathroom.

Here, a concise Bourne sink from Drummonds is held on a wall decorated with half-height color, accustomed to create subtle interest. The antique brass from the sink fittings continues to be echoed in the option of finish for that faucet, towel ring and wall mirror, contributing to the gentle warmth and classic elegance from the plan. A coordinated approach such as this is among the most significant of half bathroom ideas – it can help get this to small space feel more cohesive.


‘Corner sinks really are a clever solution for cloakroom ideas, for example whenever you create a concise space in the attic,’ states interior designer Sarah Fox of Fox Interior Planning – which space-short-cut could be adapted for half bathrooms. ‘Here, we’ve used a vintage design and added some surprise using the bold toile wallpaper.’

The Skill Deco-inspired sink comes from C.P. Hart and also the Jardin du Luxembourg wallpaper is as simple as Manuel Canovas, its beautiful design, according to 1700s French-style toile de jouy, paid by an easy glass backsplash over the sink.


Probably the most vital of half bathroom ideas? Durable surfaces which will stay searching good.

‘When designing half baths, you want to ensure that they’re a welcome surprise when it comes to fun design, but additionally incredibly robust and industrious spaces, as they’ll be used a great deal, particularly in homes,’ states interior designer Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co.

‘Consider waterproof walls, easy-to-use taps, sensible storage for further rolls of bathroom paper and cleaners, in addition to good extraction and doorways rich in acoustic characteristics.’

Here, a textured wallcovering improves the sense of space inside a compact room tucked in the attic, an impact enhanced by directional spotlights. A cool wall mirror, wall-mounted faucet and slender sink from Day True complete Gunter & Co’s design.

5. Increase The WIDTH Of The HALF BATH

If you are searching for half bathroom ideas which are truly simple for an active home, talking to a summary of small bathroom storage ideas is really a wise move. Our top tip? Go built-directly into take full advantage of a small space.

‘Custom-made furniture may be used to result in the most of each and every inch,’ states Louisa Eggleston, creative director of Humphrey Munson. ‘Here, we made and designed the washstand to perfectly fit the width from the room and make up a feeling of elegance inside a slender space.’

A slatted oak shelf provides storage, as the marble counter affords space for soapy pretty displays. Notice, too, the way the large mirror reflects maximum light and boosts the feeling of space, while wall lights happen to be held on adjacent walls to cast a level light over the face when checking constitute or tidying hair.