French Country Dining Room Reveal with Blogger Pamela Dyer

There’s something blissfully idyllic about country charm in your home, specifically in a dining space. If you feel inspired with the humbleness and elegance of French Country comfort, take a look at our newest collaboration with blogger and IG star Pamela Dyer of Home on Fern Hill! Pamela’s home might be a slice of French Country paradise, then when it came time to update her diner, she understood Kathy Kuo Home was the best place to get the French Country furniture and decor she preferred.

This cozy diner is elegant, rustic, and classy-assured to wow any kind of Pamela’s supper party visitors. Learn more below for a lot of easy methods to make this happen French Country diner look!

A Classic Space To Cherish Forever

There’s nothing which comes even near to the warmth and comfort of the house outfitted in refined provincial furniture and calming neutral tones. When styling Pamela’s home, we’d have loved our pieces to behave like a focus while complementing the trendy decor she recently been on her behalf diner. For just about any feast of inspiration, Pamela looked through our French Country Board on Pinterest to acquire her design ideas flowing.

Charmed with the rustic and delicate advantage of our gorgeous Harriet Weathered Drift Elm Dining Area Table and Juliet Ivory Linen Side Chairs, this offered as the center of attention inside the room. Furthermore they tied in superbly with Pamela’s DIY weathered console. Other things was selected to choose the set, so that all of individuals other room’s design naturally fell in place.

An Illuminating Statement

For just about any cheerful French Country refresh, we stored the color palette neutral with vintage textures, cream tones, and decor which will reflect natural sunlight that beamed into Pamela’s diner. Our Charmaine Silk Very Lamps have a very gorgeous translucent very body, and then we understood they’d be perfect additions for your ends of her elegant console.

The lamps we chose allowed light to give, and reflect off our Alondra Gold Frame Antique Mirror, illuminating the region even round the cloudiest days. Side note: Colored pieces should appear slightly weathered. Choose vintage finds you want that are timeless and classy, as opposed to pieces that merely “look French Country.”

Calling Everyone Together

Let’s be genuine, dining rooms will be the new living room. Making the region an inviting, comfortable, and classy area is essential. There are lots of methods to possess a rustic French farmhouse diner searching elevated and delightful. Our go-to strategy is to light up the region with oversize connected to the wall mirrors, allowing the sun’s sun sun rays to naturally brighten the region. One design tip we love to is always to pair your sophisticated pieces with contrasting components. A rustic chandelier might be coupled with a distressed upholstered bench to incorporate texture and elegance, as opposed to placing dining area chairs all around the dining area table.

Because this is a place for food gatherings and fancy feasts, somewhat wine spill or drop of your meals are inevitable. That doesn’t mean you have to 80-six the rug. The most popular facets of this diner may be the means by which our Hands Tufted Rug pulls the whole room together, adding a subtle cozy touch for the rustic top features of the item of furniture and decor. Rugs are extremely essential when wanting to make a cohesive and curated look.