Flowers that attract bees – of the prettiest varieties

Adding flowers that attract bees for your garden is a straightforward method to help make your plot more eco-friendly and it is something we ought to be thinking about.

Something to notice when adding flowers that attract bees for your backyard ideas is you need flowers that leave both lots of nectar and pollen. Unlike when attracting butterflies, you will need flowers that leave both pollen and nectar, which bees need – the very first offers an origin of protein and also the latter, an origin of sugar. It’s also important to actually have a multitude of garden suggestions to attract as numerous different bee species as you possibly can. With lots of us attempting to become more eco conscious and independent, beekeeping for novices has witnessed an outburst in recognition during the last decade, and you can easily understand why.

‘Different pollinators require different shapes of flowers and a few is only going to trip to feast upon particular blooms and plants. Generally, however, single, open flowers, for example old-fashioned cottage garden plants, would be best to provide quick access, and ideally grown in drifts and put into a sunny, sheltered place,’ states Period Living garden expert Leigh Clapp.


If you’re planning a brand new border on your lawn, it’s certainly worth enhancing your local eco-system and wildlife garden ideas by planting flowers that attract bees. This can be done, whether you are looking for yard garden ideas, regardless if you are planning for a cut flower garden, or just planting a garden.