Fireplace tile ideas – 10 ways to bring texture and color to a space

Hearth tile ideas may be used to frame or highlight a hearth, add a highlight color to some room, bring texture to some plain space – and also to set a dark tone for the entire decorative plan.

Whichever room you’re searching for hearth suggestions for, there’s a tile that’ll be the right choice. The best way forward? Choose a tile that reflects design for your house, otherwise its period, and when your fire surround is intricate, don’t choose incredibly detailed hearth tile ideas, that will fight for attention.


Probably the most impactful of family room hearth ideas would be to clad the whole from the chimney breast. This works on the flush-finish chimney breast, and it is effective when the pattern produced through the tiles is vertical, as about this chimney breast’s book-matched marble tiles. Match the chimney breast hearth towards the hearth’s and you’ll have a stylish finish that’s streamlined and pleasing.

Choose heat-resistant tiles – most porcelain tiles should endure the peak (though seek advice from the maker) and could be made to mimic the feel of many other materials, for example marble as well as wood.

‘When picking out a material for the hearth surround, make sure to seek advice from a specialist on needed distances in the actual fire in addition to appropriateness for this sort of application, as different surfaces may have different qualities,’ advises Oliver Webb, Director at Cullifords.


Stoves require a backplate of some type to safeguard the wall behind – and tiles may be used to add color or texture to focus on the tile in-front. Here, a conventional-look stove is complemented with a contemporary undertake rustic brickwork.

‘Fireplaces can enjoy a huge role in developing a welcoming interior. This could either be carried out by creating a bold statement, or going more minimal by reflecting design for all of those other room,’ states Katie Thomas, founding father of interior planning company KTM Design.

‘If you need to create an effect, choose patterned tiles or use formed designs which supports draw your skills, for example herringbone or fish scale. For any more blended design, select a simple, large neutral-colored tile. Bigger tiles are perfect for a minimalistic look whereas smaller sized tiles are perfect for feature fireplaces.’

3. COMBINE Hearth TILES Along With A TV WALL

In a tiny home, a hearth could be coupled with TV wall ideas – and tiling the whole wall could be both practical, particularly if you have youthful children, and delightful, particularly if you make use of a gemstone with intricate striations and beautiful tones, as within the room above.

Keep in mind that top gloss finishes will reflect light to boost a little room. ‘Popular materials for hearth tiles include ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, quarta movement, and stone, all of which are durable and may withstand high temperatures,’ states Katie Thomas, of KTM Design.

4. USE TRADITIONAL Hearth TILES FOR Texture And Color

Whenever we consider hearth tile ideas, it’s often the tiles that sit round the mouth from the hearth or around the hearth – the rear of the hearth itself frequently will get overlooked, with made finishes the most typical approach.

However, using tiles – or perhaps in this situation brick slips – within the mouth from the fire itself can produce a beautiful finish that is ideal for purely decorative fireplaces, or use with gas or bio-ethanol fires that sit inside a basket from the tiled area (to preserve its visual appearance). Check the appropriateness from the tiles you select since even gas and bio-ethanol fuelled fires are extremely hot.


A modern day management of hearth tile ideas – for example tiling the wall above and round the hearth itself need not be restricted to modern homes – it may really suit traditional rooms, too.

‘If you’re searching to create a statement in your hearth, think about a superbly detailed or colored surface on your wall over the hearth. Adding a little glamor and class, the multicoloured details inside a surface such as the one above will behave as a sensational focus,’ states Oliver Webb, Director, Cullifords.

6. CHOOSE Hearth TILE Suggestions To REFLECT LIGHT

Nothing regarding your home’s interior planning needs to be traditional – if you possess a small or dark room to rework, or maybe you want to create impact, you might have considered decorating with mirrors – or, within the situation of the room, mirrored hearth tiles.

These can, obviously, need to be specified to make sure they are able to go ahead and take heat of a hearth at such close closeness, however the effect, particularly when layered with artwork around the chimney breast, is worth the effort.


Every effective interior planning plan has some natural materials there, and you may introduce it with hearth tile ideas by means of stone. Marble – or marble-effect – tiles

‘The hearth box had been area of the home. We renovated the façade round the hearth by painting the millwork an impressive dark blueOrdark to produce drama within the space. The stone round the façade is marble and it was stored easy and timeless for durability,’ states Creative Principal Karen Wolf of Karen B Wolf Interiors.


Traditional hearth ideas place the surround and hearth tiles center stage. ‘Rooms with fireplaces inside them may have more often than not been designed so the eye is going to be attracted towards the hearth, and thus it’s vital that you think about the color correctly,’ suggests color and paint expert Annie Sloan.

Because of this, it is important the hearth tiles you choose suit the time from the hearth and property itself. ‘If you’re unclear about the time of the home, an excellent tip would be to nicely ask other people to find out if they’ve any original features in their home you can try. It’s the easiest method to discover,’ states Owen Pacey of Renaissance London.


If you’re searching for farmhouse hearth ideas with grandeur, such as the tapered chimney breast within this magnificent room, you’ll be well advises to choose a stone that’s local, complements other natural elements within the room for example beams. Doing this will prove to add a lot of texture towards the space, while a lighter stone tile will not overwhelm the area.


‘Acting being an attractive focus in your house, the hearth is really a feature which will completely transform the general appearance of your interior. Presenting tiles can frequently set a dark tone, creating an appeal that contributes interest and eye-catching style,’ states Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager at CTD.

‘You is capable of a really statement look by teaming geometric tiles inside a monochrome palette with period accents and Delft-inspired details. A completed look could be achieved by painting the mantel, walls and skirting inside a striking shade of Nederlander blue to have an easy appeal.’