Fast-growing flowering vines – ideas for height and color

His or her name suggests, fast-growing flowering vines provide a magic formula to include color, scent and height for your garden. Regardless of whether you grow yours around the façade of your property, interlaced having a pergola or trained up a trellis, growing a vertical vine allows you to add interest and character for your plot.

When planning your garden ideas, it is essential to include plants that add height. Furthermore fast-growing flowering vines increase the available growing space, they also draw the attention upwards, assisting to unite different planting areas and provide the illusion more space. Growing vertically, in addition to at ground-level, will help you curate an outdoor that’s filled with personality.


When you’re searching to find the best climbing plants, it seems sensible to appear to flowering vines for color and scent. These plants depend on the structure which to develop, whether that be considered a pergola, archway, trellis or in the house. There are numerous different pergola ideas and trellis ideas that will work brilliantly using these fast-growing flowering vines.

However, these structures aren’t always the best looking themselves, therefore choosing fast-growing flowering vines will make sure that your structure is rapidly included in beautiful blooms.

‘When intending to add fast-growing flowering vines for your garden, you should make certain the support is big and powerful enough to aid the vine. Mixing two different vines on a single support can double the amount floral impact or extend the blossom time,’ advises horticultural expert Melinda Myers.

‘I prefer to use annual vines together with perennial vines the very first couple of years. The annuals rapidly cover the support and flower as the perennial vine becomes established. This ensures short and lengthy term beauty,’


In case your vines are to possess a prominent space inside your garden’s architecture, then it is advisable to go for evergreen fast-growing flowering vines. The Evergreen Clematis, also referred to as Clematis Armandii, is among the best evergreen climbers.

Clematis Armandii have deep, leatherlike leaves which add year-round interest as the pink or white-colored blooms that erupt in spring give a stunning pop of colour. ‘These flowers in addition have a fantastic scent,’ states Emilly Barbosa Fernandes, expert gardener and consultant at HouseGrail.

When thinking about these fast-growing flowering vines, you should understand how to grow clematis to make sure that your brand-new climber will thrive. When choosing your clematis, it’s also worth noting its classification as this should help you understand how to prune clematis and therefore could keep it in great condition for many years.


These unusual fast-growing flowering vines are known as vigna caracalla and therefore are characterised by their swirling blooms. Also referred to as snail vine or corkscrew flower, they may be grown from seed and can typically flower within their newbie when grown inside a warm climate.

‘Requiring the absolute minimum temperature of 59°F, Vigna caracalla is better grown in patio containers that may be moved inside to some heated green house or conservatory for that winter,’ suggests professionals at seed and plant company Thompson & Morgan ‘Alternatively, you are able to grow snail vines outdoors being an annual.’

When grown in containers in your patio ideas, these fast-growing flowering vines alllow for an attractive and different accessory for your garden, and appear especially great when combined with other container gardening ideas.


Among the very best flowering climbers and getting lately seen an outburst in recognition, sweet peas really are a stalwart of cottage garden ideas. This fast-growing vine is famous because of its dainty flowers as well as their wealthy perfume. If you are planning for a cut flower garden, sweet peas are an important addition. Furthermore they appear great in vases, but regular flower removal also encourages the guarana plant to help keep blooming.

Grown being an annual from seed, sweet peas will rapidly grow to heights close to 6ft and can flower within 14 days of germination. If you wish to grow these fast-growing flowering vines then you need to begin by researching how you can grow sweet peas because the seeds will have to be grown from October right through to March.


Honeysuckle are among the most widely used fast-growing flowering vines because of their beautiful blooms and sweet perfume. ‘They can enclose a place, decorate an arbour, or clamber up walls, sheds and trees – classic combinations on arbours or tunnels include honeysuckle entwined with clematis,’ states PL garden expert Leigh Clapp.

If you are trying to encourage more nature to your garden, then adding fast-growing flowering vines could be very advantageous. Furthermore the flowers provide nectar for pollinators they also offer protection. Actually, Liness Amaral-Rogers, science communications executive in the RSPB recommends growing ‘climbing roses or honeysuckle around bat houses to inspire use’.


Star jasmine are wonderful fast-growing flowering vines for incorporating to your yard garden ideas because they will assist you to perfume the approach to your house. Alternatively, they may be grown in containers and are a good accessory for patio ideas since it’s pretty flowers brings a sweet scent for your patio.

Despite their name, these fast-growing flowering vines aren’t really area of the jasmine family. Though they’ve much the same flowers along with a sweet jasmine scent, it’s really an evergreen woodsy liana vine. Regardless, their growing needs are much like how you can grow jasmine and also the star jasmine thrives in sun or dappled shade.