Farmhouse kitchen island ideas – workstations and breakfast bars with a rural flavor

When a modern symbol of status, the area unit has become broadly considered among the most helpful features you could have in almost any kitchen. In farmhouse kitchens, they’re fast replacing the standard cook’s table still supplying an identical social role, however with surfaces in a much more comfortable height for prepping.

‘To maintain a geniune farmhouse style, we love to to create kitchen islands that appear to be like free standing furniture pieces, capped with natural surfaces for example solid stone or perhaps a chunky butcher’s block,’ states Richard Davonport, md, Davonport.

The very best islands are carefully located to help ease traffic flow with the space, instead of developing a barrier, and, with seating incorporated, can help secure your kitchen because the natural hub of the country home.

1. Utilize It To Paint BLOCK

Help make your kitchen island stick out from all of those other space by providing it another color. This can be a lovely method of injecting bolder shades if you like that you follow more neutral tones, overall.

If you won’t want to wreck havoc on your color plan an excessive amount of, another fantastic way to dip your foot within the trend would be to paint your farmhouse kitchen island a lighter shade for brightness, or perhaps a more dark one for intensity.


If you value to entertain visitors, a curved kitchen island might be a feature you did not know you possessed.

The rounded nature is not typically such as the other kitchen islands present in homes, which means this instantly causes it to be more interesting – plus it’s super simple for dishing up dinner or serving drinks to individuals sitting down around it. We like this different undertake traditional breakfast bar ideas.


With regards to farmhouse kitchen ideas, a butler or Belfast sink is a well-liked option for in addition countryside aesthetic, and a few people choose their kitchen island because the place to accommodate this rustic feature.

This design means that you can face anybody who may be sitting or standing around your island, which makes it a interpersonal design tactic.

If you are searching for additional methods to produce the ultimate rustic space, check out our country kitchen ideas.

4. SHINE An Easy Onto It

Picking out strong kitchen island lighting ideas is equally as essential as the feature itself. In the end, what’s the purpose of investing money and time inside a kitchen island if you are not likely to display it in public in most its glory?

There are plenty of options to select from, too, from straight line varieties and modern statement pieces to concentrate on lamps and industrial-style hanging bulbs.


In lots of ways, a kitchen area island may be the social hub from the room, where everyone has a tendency to congregate.

What this means is it is good for housing a hob, as hosts can face their visitors although entertaining. Additionally, it offers enough worktop space for food to become prepped pre and publish-cooking.