Farmhouse kitchen ideas – 5 ways to introduce modern rustic elements

Farmhouse kitchen ideas are the heart in the dwelling and for that reason, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere is important. But it’s also where all the culinary magic happens – so functionality and utility may also be vital. Farmhouse-inspired design strikes the best balance forward and backward and is a good option for anybody trying to find any juxtaposition of soothing and sensible.

‘When envisioning a farmhouse kitchen, the initial factor lots of people consider could be the legendary farmhouse sink or shiplap wall treatments,’ states New You’ll be able to-based Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design. ‘These are by no means really the only selections for farmhouse style kitchens. The advantage of the farmhouse style is its timelessness and just how it may conjure homey and nostalgic feelings.’

Trying to find farmhouse kitchen ideas and rustic decor inspiration to help spark ideas on your own space? Below, we spoke to numerous designers and decorators to obtain their top insights on acquiring the farmhouse kitchen aesthetic right.


‘A glazed dresser can create a welcome accessory for some traditional or farmhouse kitchen,’ states Interior Designer Cherie Lee. ‘The display of ceramic pieces and timber boards can produce a casual and natural feel for the cabinets, because both versions are essential elements in having this modern farmhouse aesthetic.’


‘Larders and pantries are quickly becoming the indication of status of recent kitchens. Searching stylish and offering easy, additional storage,’ states Paul Deckland in the Cotswold Company.

In this particular space, the farmhouse style is perfectly crafted as modern is coupled with rustic. The sleek, contemporary charcoal larder is complemented with the wooden stair ladder and wicker baskets.

3. Provide A Just A Little COLOUR

Getting colourful appliances for your kitchen is a powerful way to accessorise a farmhouse style space, complementing traditional earthy tones.

According to Graham Duke of Everhot, pairing the deep eco-friendly oven with neutral colours creates a calming effect.


‘Incorporate pieces as we age for your modern farmhouse kitchen,’ states Interior Designer Phillip Thomas. ‘Those pieces are elevated to works of art when juxtaposed while using clean lines in the modern space.’

This space, crafted by Vipp, cleverly mixes modern and vintage since the traditional larder complements the sun’s rays colour plan.


‘Farmhouses naturally relate to streamlined functionality,’ states Phillip Thomas. ‘One from the methods to develop an operating interior is to apply open shelving.’

Thomas suggests stocking your open shelving with interesting materials bobs that are great searching additionally to functional.