Farmhouse decor ideas – 5 ways to embrace a rustic look

Farmhouse decor continues to be getting its moment the main attraction in the last couple of years – and even for good reason. This cozy-awesome decor trend strikes the right balance between sophisticated and rustic as an escape towards the countryside without departing the town limits.

Wishing to place some fresh farmhouse suggestions to work in your space? We have selected the fundamental facets of farmhouse decor – these practical, expert-approved ideas and tips will make sure your house reflects the chic and modern aesthetic while still maintaining a comfortable and rustic appeal.


Farmhouse family room wall decor – hanging plates on your wall, or displaying them on the shelf or dresser, is a terrific way to give a a little color and make up a rustic feel. This can be a perfect chance introducing some personality towards the wall and display a number of your favourite patterns.

For any modern look, choose better colors. If you prefer a more classic rustic look then stay with neutrals and natural materials.


Departing brickwork uncovered is a terrific way to then add texture to your home and make up a dramatic contrast between your brick and softer materials, for example hangings, rugs and curtains.

‘Brick or stone walls bring authenticity to some rustic room,’ concurs interiors stylist Sara Bird. ‘While they appear beautiful by themselves, layering more wall decor ideas on the top brings an additional element towards the plan which will really raise your space.’

3. USE BOOKS AS Paintings

A library wall brings color, texture and personality towards the space – and all that’s necessary are the well-thumbed paperbacks.

‘The great thing about book shelves is they can fill a whole wall, or just slot into an uncomfortable nook to produce interest and drama,’ suggests Country Homes & Interiors editor, Andréa Children’s. ‘This is a superb wall decor idea for any rustic home as possible build shelving to suit around features for example beams, stoves, or sloping ceilings.

‘Rearrange your shelves every so often to change-your display – and find your preferred reads.’

4. Produce A DISPLAY BENEATH An Image

The image here could be the only actual ‘wall decor’ but it is the mixture of artwork, cabinet, lamp and ornamental factors that unites to produce a single effective display.

Hanging artwork having a wooden frame over a cabinet display of ornaments, flowers and books can create warmth and provide your wall a conventional, rustic feel.


Adding a wood cabinet display is a terrific way to produce a rustic yet modern feel. Paint your cabinet inside a color to complement the tones from the wall, using accessories and picked up pieces introducing added vibrancy.

Curate your cabinet with treasured ornaments to produce a display that can take design towards the edges of the room.