Family room paint ideas – 5 best paint colors for informal living spaces

Beautiful family area paint ideas are an easy and quick method to add personality to some family area, regardless of size or style.

Whether your loved ones room is definitely an oasis of calm or the place to find a home filled with children, nothing can modify an area like carefully-selected paint ideas. Check out these brilliant family area paint suggestions to inspire your personal decorating plan.

1. Increase Your LAYERED PALETTE

Whenever you typically think about using paint to produce impact inside a room, the very first thought is commonly drenching the walls inside a vibrant hue. Although this is a attempted and tested method of developing a statement, there are other delicate methods to achieve as much of the impact. Mood-lifting and warm, yellow room ideas bring confidence and optimism to some space, so it’s a no-brainer with this energetic room.

Within this family area plan from interior designer Anna Spiro, a higher-gloss white-colored paint around the walls bounces around light, making the surfaces nearly appear liquid with shine. Architectural details happen to be selected in an attractive deep yellow, adding not just color, but a great grounding element. Family room furniture ideas and accessories in similar although not quite matching tones produce a warming spectrum regarding over the space.


Color drenching is the procedure of selecting one color and painting it across multiple surfaces in a single space. It makes sense superbly bold and completely modern, though its appeal extends beyond its courageous aesthetic.

I love painting small rooms inside a dark color to ensure they are feel cozy,’ states interior designer Amelia McNeil, who designed this plan. ‘I even colored your window and architrave within the same blue so the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper may be the primary focus.’

Interior designer Rachel Chudley concurs: ‘The trap that individuals fall under is they consider dark rooms to become wrong and merely paint them white-colored. I love to lean in to the darkness and explore the depths of color. Choose a very deep shade however in a higher gloss paint and will also reflect light around a household room.’


Utilizing an interesting paint color pairing, such and blue and orange, inside a family area will affect the atmosphere within the space, explains interior decorator Nicola Harding, founding father of Nicola Harding & Co.

Orange is really a color that lots of us be put off by, however when combined with blue – the colour diametrically opposite around the color wheel – it can produce a vibrant yet welcoming plan. Also called complimentary colors, this mixture is certain to add drama to your rooms.

‘The greater the quality of contrast there’s, the greater drama there’s within the room so when there’s less contrast, the area is calmer.’ Typically of thumb, you need to include high contrast when you wish an engaged, high energy feeling. ‘That obviously includes kids’ bedrooms and family rooms that are naturally more energetic anyway because they are full of their toys, books, artwork along with a TV,’ states Nicola.

4. SPARK Pleasure Having A VIBRANT COLOR Plan

Vibrant and impactful, emerald eco-friendly is really a wondrous hue that may deliver various appearances – think upbeat and modern as well as classic and regal.

‘Don’t fight an area being small , dark: frequently it really works very well to embrace strong colors rather,’ states Katharine Paravicini, founder, Katharine Paravicini Interior Planning. ‘A striking yet warm eco-friendly around the walls will lead to creating a romantic and comfy family space.’

Here, Katharine Paravicini accepted a powerful, jewel-like hue in a tiny and narrow family area, damaged up with a bay window to produce a fantasy of space.

Color specialist Annie Sloan concurs: ‘Don’t overcomplicate schemes with this particular paint shade and allow it to take center stage. Purples, lilacs and pale blues will make wonderful tonal buddies because it’s a real eco-friendly. Pastel pinks will contrast fabulously and is accustomed to advise a brilliantly Instagrammable, Wes Anderson-esque, grand millennial space.’


Gray paint ideas that straddle the limitations between blue, eco-friendly and gray could be a lot of things: in the forefront or perhaps a background to demonstrate art and objects. Simple to accept, gray family room ideas look beautiful in west- or south-facing rooms while being suitably moody in family rooms with less light.

‘I love using this type of color on walls in family rooms because it enables works of art and portraits to actually shout,’ states Anna Haines, founder, Anna Haines Design. ‘It feels both calming and quiet as well as works because the ideal backdrop for a variety of wealthy textiles, decorative antique rugs and furniture.’