Family room ideas – 10 design rules for informal living spaces

Family area ideas would be the perfect place for gathering like a household, entertaining or even a quiet place of relaxation, therefore, it’s imperative that people provide the interior planning of those spaces as much consideration once we would all of those other home.

As the first reception room could be the spot for more formal family room ideas targeted at hosting visitors, a household room is negligence the home where movie nights reign supreme, the children can enjoy their most favorite games, and everyone can unwind in every other’s company.

In case your home just one dedicated family area, it’s important to see how to balance much more eventualities – fortunately, we’ve pulled together lots of methods to make any living space fit for the entire household.

1. MAXIMIZE STORAGE Inside A Family Area

‘As we take more time in your own home, we be aware than ever before of the requirement for space,’ states Simon Tcherniak, senior furniture designer at Neville Manley. ‘Family rooms which were once forgotten are now being rejuvenated as tranquil spaces or multifunctional living (and entertaining) zones.’

‘The family area is how the demand is finest right now. Homeowners are searching for any dynamic space that enables them time to wind down in the finish of the busy day but additionally one which will truly take advantage of the additional family time most of us have been afforded in recent several weeks.’

‘Consider family room furniture ideas which include both drawers and open shelving,’ states Rachel Galbraith, creative director at Ercol. ‘This versatility enables for bulkier products and ugly TV remotes to become stowed from sight, while eye-catching accessories could be styled on surfaces at eye level. If you value to combine your interiors regularly, free-standing designs really are a perfect option and could be moved throughout the house.’

2. Make Sure That Your Family Area IS WELL-LIT

The very first factor I actually do when planning family room lighting ideas is to locate places inside a space for lamps, sconces, picture lights, pendants, floor lights and desk lights – decorative elements come first,’ states Tiffany Duggan of Studio Duggan and Trove.

Consider the way the light changes during the day when considering where you can position lights to produce probably the most impact. ‘Think about flexible light sources for various situations: the ground light having a swivel arm is good being an evening studying lamp behind a settee or chair,’ states Hollie Moreland, creative director of David Search Lighting. ‘Remember that shade certainly family room color ideas can impact the atmosphere of the room, so for additional atmosphere, choose dark family room tones that will feel moodier and cozier – ideal for movie nights in.’


Provide a spot for entertainment without having to sacrifice style. A TV, along with other technology, is a vital element in most family rooms, from Wi-Fi use of music, and also the trend is towards totally hidden solutions.

Don’t allow a TV spoil your family room aesthetic. Purchase a TV that blends superbly in to the background without interrupting all of those other plan, and make certain to help keep wires hidden behind cupboards or inside the walls.

Alternatively, if you’re fitting a wall of family room storage that comes with an area for the TV, allow enough room should you choose to purchase a bigger model. Do not create too large a niche, as the TV will appear awkwardly small.


‘Getting the family room furniture in a household room is among the greatest challenges in family rooms,’ states Mike Fisher, creative director and founder, Studio Indigo.

‘This must be an operating space, whether for watching television or creating good conversation. That which you choose must be stylish and lead towards the personality and harmony from the space. Inevitably, I’ve found people frequently graduate towards the smaller sized rooms of the house because they are more intimate and cozier, whereas big rooms will make you feel small , uncomfortable. Be bold together with your little space and employ large-scale furniture sparingly to own illusion the room is grander than.’


The household family room is really a communal space and really should reflect everybody who lives in the home,’ states Avoi Sonaike, creative director, Avoi Sonaike. ‘It is really a room where we socialize, entertain and relax therefore the design ought to be functional, but additionally fun. I love to have fun with pattern and color here. For instance, I would use patterned scatter cushions on the family room sofa alongside periodic chairs and pouffes upholstered in fabrics of your liking. These styles may then be echoed in accessories for example ornaments with colorful designs.’


‘Furnishings play an important role in the way your family area ideas are received – and consumed,’ states James Thurstan Waterworth, founder, Thurstan.

‘When dealing with less spacious family rooms, we advise a considered curation of essential pieces – distributing a sizable rug being an anchor for that plan after which building from there, choosing tones in the rug and embellishing these through the room. A main table can produce a focus in a tiny family room, best presented by inward-facing armchairs that really help create depth and volume.’


‘When just one color can be used on walls and woodwork, an area all of a sudden feels bigger because getting no contrast means that you’re less conscious of the confines from the space,’ states Joa Studholme, color curator, Farrow & Ball. ‘The eye doesn’t pause and register another color and glides straight from the window towards the view, blending your garden and room together.’

Get your entire family active in the color process, and step from the apparent choices. This can be a room for the whole household, now is the opportunity to get truly creative.

8. GO BIG In A Tiny Home

‘People frequently assume they ought to buy small-scale furniture for small family rooms, however that really constitutes a space feel smaller sized,’ states Sheena Murphy, partner, Nune. ‘Don’t hesitate to fill the area – obtain a rug that fully sits under all of your furniture, out on another purchase a love seat if you’re able to really fit a 3-seater family room sofa within the room. Not simply will buying bigger scale furniture look better, it will likewise help make your experience with this interpersonal space a lot more comfortable: win-win!’

9. Produce A HUB To See Relatives Existence By Having An OPEN PLAN SPACE

There’s a very good reason why open-plan family room ideas continue to be very popular. Moving past the kitchen, a contemporary open-concept family area ditches the formal living area, office at home and reception room in support of one large, multifunctional space, with entertaining at its heart.

If you’re a family that loves to gather – together or with buddies – family family room ideas such as these will fit your lifestyle. ‘The primary motivation for creating a wide open-concept family space will be more interpersonal. Parents can preparing meals while getting together with their kids, possibly helping all of them with homework, and monitor TV or internet use,’ states Robert Burnett of Holloways of Ludlow.

In addition, heating and lighting one space instead of several will also help lower your energy bill within the cooler several weeks.


Child and pet-friendly fabrics and finishes really are a must for each family area. ‘We don’t think that appearance have to be compromised by functionality,’ states Clara Ewart, Mind of Design at Kitesgrove. ‘Clients are frequently understandably concerned about using costly materials or finishes in rooms utilized by youthful children, but there are many fabulous items that are simple to keep clean and maintain.’

Also, when devising a household room that’s safe for kids, turn to furniture with curved instead of straight edges. ‘Curves are extremely much trendy for 2022, softening the lines within the interior to produce a a lot more welcoming space that’s appropriate for the whole household,’ states Graeme Cruz, conceptual designer at Metris.