Family bathroom ideas – 5 practical but pretty rooms to suit all ages

A properly-planned family bathroom, normally the greatest in the home, if perhaps with a couple of precious inches, could make or break the morning hurry and/or bed time routine. The very best designs consist of storage, simple to clean, and excellent for discussing.

In addition to thinking about who definitely are while using bathroom now, additionally, it is effective cast the mind forward a minimum of ten years to be able to future-proof your alternatives, especially with regards to permanent fixtures like sanitaryware.

Family bathroom ideas may include a shower, easiest for rubbing very young children, but teenagers usually like the speed and ease of a baby shower, while older family people will benefit from your readily available walk-in shower. Just a little forward planning can save you the discomfort of the premature remodel.


Family and kids’ bathroom ideas need forefront thought.

Probably the most family-friendly bath is double-ended, which could easily accommodate two toddlers without any bickering over who sits in the faucet finish. But there’s you don’t need to throw style by helping cover their the tub water in support of such practicalities. This show-stopping roll-top is indeed a speaking point and constitutes a big statement within the average-size space – perfect if you’re searching to see relatives-friendly small bathroom ideas.

‘If your loved ones bathroom isn’t huge, we’d recommend an over-bath shower instead of attempting to shoehorn in separate facilities,’ states Chantel Elshout, director of Chantel Elshout Studio.

‘This two-in-one solution enables space for that bath to breathe, which really gives the look of the more generous room. Taking it to the ceiling having a glamorous shower rail also draws the attention upward to take the impressive ceiling height, again giving the illusion of the much wider room.’


Clever bathroom layout ideas really are a must in family bathrooms.

‘When space is tight in the home then your family bathroom frequently loses out size-wise, meaning meticulous planning is much more important than ever before,’ states Deborah Bass, founding father of Base Interior.

‘A small but well-planned bathroom could be more pleasing and comfy than the usual badly designed bigger bathroom. The bottom line is to pay attention to easy movement and ergonomics, to ensure that everything could be utilized without feeling cramped or compromised.

‘For example, bath faucets the kids won’t bump their heads on, basin taps that are simple to achieve and operate, towel radiators that you could really hang a towel on, not to mention ample and accessible storage.’

Making the items earn its place is essential a shower with overhead shower performs two roles in a single footprint, while a rest room seat can behave as an opportune perching point for monitoring bathtime.


Among the best family bathroom ideas is equipped furniture that’s made-to-measure – it may achieve bigger volumes of storage than free standing. Here, Christopher Peters has fitted an amazing variety of cupboards and drawers, including two generous laundry baskets, inside a 1.5m-wide area underneath the eaves.

‘One step to keep in mind when thinking about bespoke storage over off-the-shelf may be the extended lead time, which may be several days from enquiry to installation,’ states master designer and owner Will Lyne.

Try to obtain your order booked in as soon as possible and keep in mind that the little persistence will lead to the lengthy term.


Bathroom wall ideas have to be given consideration – which clever look is among our favorites.

‘Easy cleaning is vital to the prosperity of an active family bathroom and customers are growing more and more fed up with grubby grout lines, specifically in areas with calcium in the water once they finish up challenging maintain,’ states Kirsten Wain, designer at West One Bathrooms.

‘One from the solutions growing in recognition with families recently is waterproof wallpaper. The merchandise is made of fiberglass and utilizes a specialist transparent waterproof primer which stops water penetrating with the surface. The prints could be scaled to match the area within the room giving a really bespoke finish. And, on top of that, it’s hard putting on and sturdy to see relatives use and you may really have a great time by using it.’


Family bathroom ideas have to be accessible safe for that youngest people of the household, so consider the requirements of your entire family when thinking about walk-in shower ideas.

‘When selecting a baby shower mind, go for one using the riser rail package so that you can adjust the peak and position to match the shortest and tallest family people,’ states interior designer Emma Gurner of Folds Inside Limited.

‘Built kept in storage niches to accommodate soaps and shampoos are an easy way to help keep the area tidy so we also recommend low-level shower trays or level-entry wet room style tanking, which cuts down on the trip hazard possibility of youthful and old.’