Exclusive: Shea McGee’s simple secret to a festive entryway

The significance of allowing the right first impression is essential at any season, but none of them much more compared to christmas.

Christmas is easily the most interpersonal time around the calendar, but how will you be sure that your entryway leaves an effect on all visiting? By gaining knowledge from the very best.

Enter Shea McGee, the Ideal Home Makeover star who shared the important thing to some festive entryway is simply by a candle. Discussing her interior planning tips solely with Homes & Gardens, Shea reveals using a candle to produce the very first impression your house deserves.


Alongside sitting as a focus in your entryway table, a candle adds atmospheric light for your festive space. However, as Shea suggests, selecting the best lighting for the hallway remains important following the holidays conclude.

‘Illuminating your home is type in developing a cozy, inviting atmosphere,’ she adds although discussing her entryway ideas in her own blog. Alongside your candle, Shea recommends layering your lamps and adding an announcement light which will ‘draw the attention in an entryway.’


Plus, Shea’s shoe storage idea will similarly endure after Christmas. The designer suggests selecting textural baskets that are perfect for storing your footwear after your visitors leave. She also recommends purchasing small bowls with ‘decorative details’ where one can keep the candle lights, books, and artworks.

‘Whether you’ve got a small entryway, a wide open-concept entryway, or perhaps a traditional entryway, designing a welcoming entryway space is about developing a space that merges form with function,’ she adds.

While Shea’s Christmas decorating ideas will bless our entryway within the holidays, these versatile tips will remain popular lengthy into 2022. The only real factor left to complete is get the best candle for that season.