Evergreen trees for gardens – of the best choices

Learning about the very best evergreen trees for gardens and adding a couple of for your plot will totally help your outside space year-round, and particularly throughout the desolate winter several weeks.

Because the red and orange leaves disappear deciduous trees, departing bare, skeletal bones, it’s in the winter months that people arrived at truly appreciate the good thing about evergreen trees. Getting existence and color towards the now sleeping garden, they’re a stalwart that see us through winter and supply the backbone in our backyard ideas.


Using their thick eco-friendly leaves that last all year long-round, evergreen trees are the best trees for privacy inside a backyard. Furthermore they hide unsightly views and provide a sense of seclusion inside your garden, but they may also reduce seem pollution, helping to produce a sanctuary where one can immerse yourself anyway.


When choosing the proper evergreen tree for the plot, it is essential that you think about the weather that you live – some trees are evergreen in a single climate but deciduous in another.

You should also consider the tree’s size and the quantity of shade it’ll cast. During the cold months, light is restricted, so you have to be careful to not cast large shadows over your home, as this makes it cooler and may even improve your heating bill – by which situation, you might like to investigate the best trees for any small garden – or even the best trees for front yards, which is naturally smaller sized.

Before you begin searching, choose the place for the new tree because this will state the dimensions and rate of growth that you need. Consider where it’ll cast its shadows and just how it’ll look when fully grown.

It’s also answer to think about your soil type and also the light amounts of your place – selecting a tree that’s well-suitable for these two conditions will make it thrive. You could also would like to learn how you can plant a tree to be able to provide your evergreen tree the very best start.

Getting labored out these parameters, you’re then ready to get the best evergreen tree for the garden.


Magnolias are among the most breathtaking evergreen trees for gardens. With verdant eco-friendly leaves as well as their aromatic citrusy flowers blooming early in the year, magnolia trees create a statement in each and every season.

However, many magnolia trees are deciduous, therefore if you are searching for evergreen trees for gardens, make sure to choose the Magnolia grandiflora variety. Native towards the south Atlantic states, they’re a very adaptable tree and also be in a multitude of soils, though they thrive very best in moist but well-drained, mildly acidic soils.

‘Magnolia grandiflora is really a large plant by having an average dimensions of 30-45 ft. The broad foliage is glossy eco-friendly and held in a 45 degree position in the stems. In spring, it bears white-colored to pink blooms that increase the benefit of its landscape value,’ explains Lindsey Hyland, founding father of Urban Organic Yield.


A quick growing tree, Fraser’s Photinia can develop to 3ft each year which makes them among the best trees for privacy and screening inside a backyard. Thriving very best in full sun and sturdy in zones 7 to 9, they provide a vast array of color throughout the year. Their new foliage emerges vibrant red, adding a firey hue towards the wealthy eco-friendly from the older leaves, after which explodes in white-colored blooms come the spring.

Taking around 12 many years to grow to full-sized, they’re an very versatile accessory for your garden, and could be grown like a shrub, hedge or standard tree. They even be espaliered against a wall for additional architectural interest. Should you choose clip them right into a standard shape, as above, it can make them a fantastic choice if you’re planning on landscaping around trees inside your backyard.

3. Carol TREES

There’s two primary kinds of evergreen carol which are popular through the US. The very first would be the British hollies, what are typical festive carol tree, recognizable by its slightly curled spiky leaves. Variegated British carol trees have dark leaves with white-colored edges creating a fascinating and weird accessory for your garden. Their thick canopy but smaller sized size, usually around 25ft, means they are ideal evergreen trees for gardens.

American carol trees are extremely similar though there are several key variations. These trees are bigger, growing close to 60ft, and also have a lighter leaf color and subtly different berries.

With these two carol trees, if you wish to produce berries – which are ideal for feeding wild birds in the winter months – then ensure you have ‘one male for each 1 to 5 females for fruit to create,’ advises garden expert and arborist Melinda Myers.

For the best results, Melinda advises that you simply plant in moist acidic soil and choose a range that’s suitable for your growing conditions, ‘for easy care and finest results, shelter from drying winter winds.’


Best referred to as key component in gin, juniper trees are really a useful accessory for your garden themselves. A kind of conifer, they’re recognized for his or her versatility and sturdy in zones 3 right through to 9.

‘Junipers are available in various colors and may grow in soils which are hard to grow other plants. With all the different varieties available, you’ll easily manage to find one which matches together with your garden. Most junipers do very best in full sun, though a couple of such as the shade within the late mid-day,’ recommends Emilly Barbosa Fernandes, small space gardener at House Grail.

Junipers also suit a number of variations, the tree could be pruned right into a neat triangular shape, or could be left to develop more naturally for any more rustic appearance.


Hemlock is a kind of evergreen fir tree recognized because of its versatility. There’s a range to match just about all conditions through the US, in the Canadian Hemlock which thrives from zones 3 to eight towards the Western Hemlock which grows in zones six to eight and can even grow within the densest shade. Plus, you will find the Eastern and Caroline hemlocks that are also great evergreen trees for gardens.

Loved for his or her pyramidal shape, dark, evergreen needles and ornamental cones, they’re a well known evergreen tree for backyards.

‘More shade tolerant than most evergreens, they require defense against drying winter winds and sun. Therefore you should plant within an appropriate location with sufficient moisture, good drainage and awesome acidic soil,’ advises gardening expert and arborist Melinda Myers.