Entryway wall decor ideas – 5 statement ways to decorate a blank wall

Locating the perfect entryway wall decor ideas for your house is not easy, but it ought to be. Regardless of your decorating style, we have got the methods that may give existence for your walls and produce your true personality.

In addition to searching inviting on its own, an entryway or hallway should set a dark tone throughout your house – and should be thought about alongside entryway ideas and front porch suggestions to ensure a coordinated feel.

Keep studying to uncover the very best entryway wall decor ideas that are certain to add character, interest and intrigue to your house.


There’s two really great ways to create a statement with art in a tiny entryway, states Camillia Clarke creative director at Albion Nord. ‘The first , have fun with scale in interior planning. Take full advantage of the surfaces and select a sizable scale artwork that spans the entire height from the wall. It’ll feel bold and impactful.’

‘If you’ve got a narrow hallway, another interesting way to create a statement with art would be to create a skill wall. Have fun with a combination of artworks in various sizes, colors and genres to produce your very own gallery space.’

2. Keep Your COLOR Plan COHESIVE

‘Entryway ideas in apartments are extremely important but they are frequently overlooked,’ states Birdie Fortescue, founder and inventive director at Birdie Fortescue. ‘The entrance sets a dark tone throughout the home so the actual way it is styled and presented is essential. Art is amazingly helpful in this sort of setting as possible utilized in a tactical method to either create a effective statement, add personality or introduce color.

‘If you’ve got a generous entryway or perhaps an open staircase idea, then take full advantage of massive activly works to create impact. Diptychs and triptychs can be quite helpful on large expanses of wall just like series’ of prints or photographs. Within this entryway, the works of art are through the same artist and also the theme continues in the stairs towards the landing which results in a strong visual outcomes of the various areas and anchors the colour palette of vegetables and earthy natural tones.’


Decorating with mirrors is a terrific brighten any space, but because small entryways can frequently have limited sun light, they’re calling out for reflective surfaces.

Mirrors really are a wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest, while maximizing light and boosting a feeling of space inside a dark passageway.


‘For a vintage style entryway derive old frames that either include original works of art or, you can use to secure your own photographs or artwork,’ states Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. ‘They are available in every size, some with increased ornate detailing than the others, but each a bit to savour and employ like a decorative element.’

5. Make It Simple Having A SHAKER STYLE PEG RAIL

Because the primary entrance and exit to your house, the entryway is really a high traffic area, specifically if you have pets and children, so great entryway storage ideas really are a must.

Entryway wall decor is often as simple like a peg rail that’s employed for a gift basket and straw hat. They are all decorative pieces in their own individual way and may split up an ordinary yet colored wall effectively.