Elicyon design studio reveals 2022’s most luxurious home trends

Elicyon design studio is famous because of its luxury method of interior planning – therefore we sitting up and required notice once they contacted us using their interior planning trends predicted for 2022.

Here, Cecilia Halling, Creative Director at Elicyon reveals eight ways they is going to be designing homes around ahead.


‘Requests for gaming tables and spaces to support games are more and more popular. We’re frequently requested to create spaces for chess, backgammon and cards in your home, with tailored reclined casual seating to unwind in although playing.

‘It’s become about love your house, getting entertainment in to the house now that we’re back socializing in groups and attempting to take full advantage of the house, selecting to stay in instead of out.


‘As work at home turns into a more permanent fixture in a number of our lives, the requirement for a feeling of escape to retreat to in the evening is prevalent. An area that enables you to definitely believe that you’re departing in the day – whether it is, an area where your imagination runs wild with vibrant colors or bold art, or perhaps an immersive screening room where one can lose yourself playing Ps or Xbox, for instance, with surround seem.

‘Over the final couple of years, there’s been an apparent shift to paint within our home design and creating fun moments that excite. For just one client, we produced an aerial yoga room which was entirely mirrored from floor to ceiling – it had been an indulgence that they always imagined of getting in their own individual home. For an additional client, a Moroccan style health spa in electric blue was produced because the ultimate space to wind down in the evening, for any cleanse and refresh. The surprise factor helps to produce a moment for visitors. These guilty pleasure spaces would be the ultimate luxury.’


The 5th wall inside a room is frequently neglected and colored white-colored as standard, however, we have seen it as being an chance to become playful, add color and character to some space. It might be that extra coving detail is put into draw your eyes up, or the ceiling is colored a completely different color altogether.

‘For one client, we’ve draped a sizable cream canvas more than a bathroom ceiling to produce a biophilic sanctuary, almost a safari tent, to stimulate exotic feelings of travel. In another project’s powder room, we’re using Cole & Boy wallpaper featuring clouds to pay for the ceiling. The surfaces was mostly adopted by furniture, and thus we added interest towards the large spare otherwise-unused space around the ceiling it had been then presented having a dark eco-friendly trim.’


‘In the lack of travel previously 2 yrs, you’ve seen an apparent openness to paint from your clients – daring, unusual and unpredicted color combinations for example salmon and cherry, mustard and mint or lilac and orange are great and happy.

‘Rather than sticking with two-toned material palettes, we’re adding three colors or four to make sure interiors come to life. What may go through just like a clash in writing, and wouldn’t instinctively match, sometimes winds up most abundant in personality. Making unpredicted combinations using these paint trends results in a really special and surprising plan.’


Red timber is really a product we’re dealing with more within our schemes, typically having a cherry or exotic veneer. Though recently we’ve used a cooling light blond timber similar to the pared-back whitewashed style now symbolic of en vogue summer time destinations including Ibiza and Mykonos.

‘This earthy materiality feels grounding helping to feel linked to nature within our homes. Burnt and charred wood includes a lovely texture – it’s a fabric that’s almost been destroyed but through the entire process of destruction a lot character is added. Sturdy celebrating imperfections and highlighting the raw materiality within the right atmosphere provides a space depth.’