Eco heating – from heat pumps to boilers and furnaces

Are you currently curious about eco heating options? Awareness about our responsibilities towards the planet along with the need to keep bills low can prompt a re-consider space-heating systems for the homes.

‘We’re within an energy transition even though 100 percent renewable products have existed for some time, customer confidence, installer experience and also the incentives essential to drive widescale change have some approach to take,’ states Christian Engelke, technical director, Viessmann.

‘Renewable and traditional heat generators could be coupled with intelligent controls deciding the more effective source to activate according to ecological and economic factors. For instance, a back-up boiler can help to eliminate overall carbon emissions if used along with a electric, specifically in minus temperatures in which the preferred level of comfort is possible more proficiently with gas and combustion, compared to an overworked electric consuming high amounts of electricity.’

Continue reading to uncover the eco heating choices available and how they may help your house be greener and cheaper to operate.

April 2021 is our Eco-friendly Homes month. Throughout this month and beyond, we are highlighting the alterations you may make to your house to ensure they are more sustainable – from big projects, for example cooling and heating, to small changes, like buying sustainable homewares.

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If your house is heated with a boiler, replacing a classic version having a modern model is definitely an eco-friendly move, in addition to a money saver. Boilers work by heating water that’s given to radiators and taps, however the latest designs get the job done in an even more efficient way than ever before.

In america, you should check a boiler’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which needs to be displayed to create comparison between models easy. Old systems come with an AFUE of 56 to 70%, based on Money Saver, a workplace of america United states doe supplying energy-efficiency and alternative energy information to consumers. The most recent offer efficiencies of 90 to 98.5%, which could both cut fuel bills but additionally pollution, states Money Saver.

Within the United kingdom, domestic heating technologies have also vastly improved. Both coal and oil fired boilers for brand new installations and fitted as replacements need to be high quality condensing designs that recover heat from waste gases and employ it to preheat cold water entering the boiler.

‘An older non-condensing boiler can fall to 50% efficient after many years useful,’ explains Ian Henderson, Md of Boiler Plan. ‘New high quality boilers having a smart thermostat, however, is capable of over 90% efficiency, leading to huge savings within the year.’

Select between combi boilers – which offer heat for that radiators and warm water when needed – and system boilers – that are suited to sealed heating systems but store warm water inside a cylinder.


Furnaces heat air instead of water and employ a blower motor and ductwork to distribute the nice and cozy air around a house. Like buying a new boiler, fitting a brand new, modern furnace is definitely an eco improvement worth making if your house is heated by doing this.

Just like boilers, efficiencies have improved dramatically using the best offering an AFUE (see above) as high as 98.5%, meaning almost all the fuel becomes helpful home heat.

‘Before purchasing a new furnace or boiler or modifying your overall unit, first remember to enhance the energy-efficiency of your house, then possess a heating contractor size your furnace,’ advises Money Saver. ‘Energy-efficiency enhancements will reduce a brand new furnace or boiler, since you can buy a smaller sized unit. A correctly sized furnace or boiler will operate most efficiently.’

Search for that Energy Star label when you’re looking for a new furnace, which shows it’s met strict energy-efficiency guidelines set through the US Ecological Protection Agency.

Money Saver recommends an enclosed combustion furnace, which save energy when compared with non sealed versions. Additionally they steer clear of the problem of presenting combustion gases to your house.


An aura source electric could replace a boiler or furnace, however it works differently. It doesn’t burn fuel to produce heat, but rather moves it in one spot to another. Heat in the air will get made available to a fluid, which in turn causes it to become gas. The gas will be compressed, raising its temperature. The greater temperatures are then transferred in to the home heating.

In america air source heat pumps happen to be used for several years, but until lately not in areas with lengthy periods of sub-zero temperatures, states Money Saver. Now, though, due to the coming of technology, they’re an eco heating alternative of these regions, too.

Electricity forces heat pump but one of these simple might be coupled with solar solar power systems along with a system inverter. ‘The PV system will connect with heat pump, so when you generate photovoltaic power, heat pump uses that capacity to heat the house and also the warm water,’ states Mark Wilkins, Technologies Director at Vaillant.

‘It can be done that you’ll want battery power storage or buffer storage system additionally towards the electric since you rarely produce electrical energy from PV when you really need to create heat. So that you keep electricity generated in batteries and employ it when it’s needed or make use of the electric within the evening, heat water and store it inside a buffer store to be used when you really need heating. You might make use of the photovoltaic power within the summer time together with your electric to supply comfort cooling when it’s especially hot (presuming the body is to establish to cool down the).’

Choose A GROUND SOURCE Electric

A ground source electric, also called a geothermal power electric, is yet another eco heating alternative. They will use the sun’s energy to heat a house via a number of hidden pipes that extract that energy in the ground the sun’s rays warmed. Heat pump amplifies the power into heat for any home.

A geothermal power electric has two primary elements: the floor array, which may be a horizontal number of pipes or 2 or 3 vertical boreholes, and also the electric itself, which may be installed in the home or outdoors.