I MOVED OUT! Ok, ok. Not away from home. I moved from the walk-in closet. Well nearly. It’s a procedure people. However I ended up getting upgrading in closet space now I’m revealing my DIY closet room makeover having a tour, the look layout, what we should used and why exactly we made it happen.

Do many people require a closet room? Definitely not. Provide a girl a stroll in closet and often she’s content (as lengthy as she does not have to talk about haha). However, using the nature of the items I actually do as a living I’ve got a large amount of clothes and footwear and honestly it’s just absorbed the home. It had been departing me feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and that i just didn’t possess a functional system which was employed by me.

This past year Erik and that i had purchased the PAX system from Ikea in my office at home even though aesthetically it appears great Personally, i didn’t feel it had been completely functional for which I desired. Yes, it looked great in photos. However, I desired more storage and utilization of my space. We first investigated obtaining a bigger PAX system, however it cost almost $3K. Ikea can also be super behind on shipping. Therefore we made the decision to perform a DIY closet room and started designing design in our spare bedrooms.

I understood I needed to make use of each and every inch from the spare room into being 100% functional. My primary demands were a lot of storage for footwear, bags and a lot of racks for garments.