Designer Profile: Cortney Bishop

Cortney Bishop’s full-service design studio is respected for getting a relaxed yet uplifting energy to homes, boutique hotels and restaurants. Her interior planning makes occupants feel immediately comfortable, and helps to create an in-depth link with locality through materiality and color.

Residential design is paramount focus from the Cortney Bishop design studio, located in Charleston, Sc, but exciting hospitality projects are quickly expanding and can include boutique hotel The Ryder Hotel (below), and also the Longboard restaurants in St. John and Sullivan’s Island. The studio can also be using a development company on luxurious oceanfront condominiums along with a beach club in Kiawah Island.

Cortney can also be founding father of Harwood House, a type of woven textiles together with Holland & Sherry, launched in June 2019.

Developing A VIBE

Cortney Bishop’s interiors exude contemporary calm having a bohemian undercurrent. It’s an aesthetic possibly more connected with West Coast style only one that her New England clients adore and that has been creating style ripples in the area since studio launch in 2007.

Cortney describes her aesthetic as ‘laid back, bohemian, but quite strong architecturally. I love organic shapes, and creating asymmetry can also be essential for me since it creates a lot interest.’


Natural materials, textural textiles and artisanal pieces predominate color palettes harmonize instead of deliberately shocking or clashing but pattern, vibrant accents and art are judiciously accustomed to bring punctuation suggests each room. One senses the primary objective may be the subliminal energy of every room, underscored by an important understanding of reference to location. Comfort can also be key.

Comfort is a big factor for me personally,’ states Cortney. ‘My mother (who’s Greek) had very pristine homes. We couldn’t take a seat on the sofas, we couldn’t enter the home with sand on the ft (we’d to have a shower), things were covered with sheets and plastic – surprisingly – and so i were built with a very unique experience becoming an adult. She was very strict in the manner which i resided and that i had to get away from that… so comfort and the type of relaxed style that you simply see around the west coast is one thing my studio was incorporating from the first day.

‘Formality has run out of your window for all of us: are going to it, we are able to create individuals encounters, but it needs to be liveable – there’s a stylish feeling of security in the rooms we create.


‘The whole idea of the entire process of developing a home for an individual is so they feel wonderful living there,’ Cortney states, starting with reveal ‘getting a customer in to the studio is harder than it was once but so advantageous to allow them to see the amount of support for his or her voice at each stage of design. You want to make sure they are feel at ease and secure using the approach we’re taking and make a reliable relationship. That process is important in my experience.’


Cortney Bishop’s method of design involves creating resonance between your interiors, the architecture, the place and it is views.

‘Keeping each one of these elements in your mind determines the way we select a shade or shades of colours as well as the strength from the furniture: the architectural design does indeed direct me within the architectural strength of every piece of furniture,’ Cortney states, ‘Furniture is artwork too.’

She procedes to say, ‘Materiality and also the building structure of the house is equally as essential as the furnishings which goes inside. We consider everything: the stone, the plumbing metals, the architectural materials on the outside of, the colours from the doorways. The colours from the fabrics and wallpapers play from that materiality – so there’s a calming experience when you’re walking although the home or hotel or restaurant that we’re designing: it’s all deliberately connected.’


Cortney is emphatic that quality will not be compromised.

‘We want the look we’re creating for the clients you’ll always remember. They may alter the pillows or even the wallcovering in ten years however the overall home ought to be one which survives through all of the trends. Sustainability is essential, so quality is important.

‘We comprehend the high/low game, that’s the way we become successful inside a financial relationship having a client. We understand how to add vintage, we know your budget constraints in children’s rooms at certain day of their existence. We’re already considering these, obviously, because we would like the finish experience to become happy but we actually push for quality and purchase of things that will be utilized every single day: beds, the primary sofas, cabinets, the countertops.

‘We refer to it as “Buy Once, Cry Once”, and realize that clients is going to be so happy they made individuals investments. In my opinion you need to live your existence now so it’s important to make sure pieces feel unique, make sure they are special and appreciate because you become around them every single day.’


‘Intuition without a doubt – and an understanding of [the client’s] energy. Hearing them clearly and deeply and understanding as our biological forebears actually want to live helps guide me. There are plenty of methods to thread someone’s personality through their house. It’s really a mixture of hearing everything they would like to do and hearing their dreams, and assisting to enhance the very best inside them.’