Design a kitchen sink area – how to plan a well-organized wet zone

Designing a kitchen area sink area is frequently overlooked in support of more glamorous fittings, however this hard-working component of kitchen design is not only practical. Yes, it needs to be in a position to withstand the knocks and scratches most cooks will throw in internet marketing, you will find it needs to be simple to clean, nevertheless its material, installation type as well as size and shape may have a big effect on the way your kitchen looks and processes

ESIGN A Kitchen Area SINK

When thinking about your lengthy listing of kitchen ideas, add drain ideas – and also the faucets, storage and kitchen countertop which will opt for it – right at the very top. Here, we guide you through how you can design a kitchen area sink area – and our experts provide you with some helpful advice, too.

WHERE Is The Greatest Spot To Use A Drain?

The wet zone of the kitchen requires hygiene and simplicity of use, ideally with dishwasher and garbage bin near by as well as in easy achieve from the food storage, prep and cooking areas. ‘The best spot for any sink is within kitchen window, the right place for watching the planet pass while you do your chores, or perhaps in a tropical like a interpersonal place that provides the chance to determine round the room,’ states Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL.

What’s The Most Widely Used Drain STYLE?

There are many variations, from traditional farmhouse choices to clean lined, undermounted designs that suit nicely underneath the worktop for any more inconspicuous look.

‘Ceramic sinks look classic but can be difficult to wash and also the unyielding surface can break glass and china,’ states Merlin Wright, design director of Plain British. ‘Stone could be beautiful, but it’s costly and difficult to wash. Stainless is extremely practical, but it’s not really a search for everybody, while copper is a superb all-rounder because it works together with both modern and traditional kitchen ideas and it is kind to delicate products.’

Merlin recommends a minumum of one bowl, big enough to support a stove tray or rack. If space enables, he suggests another bowl for rinsing or emptying pans once the primary sink is full.


Select from deck and wall-mounted taps, single spout designs to match sinks with one pre-drilled hole, bridge mixers and pillar taps which require two holes and tap sets with side rinse sprays. Taps which dispense boiling water, filtered chilled and sparkling water can also be found, as single spout all-in-one designs and separate taps.

Gary Singer, md of Eggersmann Design, suggests the ‘beautiful variety of styles and finishes’ available these days that you can use to increase the outcome of the design, but additionally sounds an operating note. ‘It’s necessary for ensure you’ve got a scale control system installed, as certain parts of america has very calcium in the water and limescale develop is much more noticeable on more dark tones.’