Deck lighting ideas – ways to complement your space at night

The good thing about be resourceful with deck lighting ideas is it means that you can design a completely different search for a garden during the night. Soft, subtle lights are simple to design and casts a hot glow round the contours of the outside space to provide your deck an awesome believe that transforms it in the evening.

Alternatively you are able to go for more dramatic deck lighting and have fun with shadows to highlight your deck’s key features and allow them to take center stage by utilizing spotlights to produce a magical night-time experience.

Whoever you hire, deck lights are answer to your backyard lighting ideas and you will want to understand it properly. Our inspirational ideas will highlight the way in which.


Discreet lighting may be used to produce a showpiece deck having a welcoming atmosphere that completely sets the scene for entertaining at night garden. Deck planting ideas undertake architectural characteristics when up-lit, the angled lights improving the form of leaves and creating interesting shadow play. Make certain you select the right lights for illuminating plants and also the trunks of trees to produce the best mood.

‘Where large expanses of hard landscaping are utilized for example decks it could be a challenge to light them using in-ground lights because these may cause glare and shine in to the air, and eventually finish up highlighting nothing,’ explains garden designer Kate Gould. ‘A far softer approach would be to light the weather or plants round the surface which results in a warmer glow, interesting shadows helping keep light within the garden instead of causing light pollution or annoying other people.’


Deck areas employed for relaxation and entertaining could be lit similarly to indoor rooms by having an arching statement lamp to include a clever contemporary turn to any al fresco set-up. Choose deck lighting ideas such as this to produce a stunning focus around which to base your outside family room and bathe the region with light.

A few of the latest versatile designs offer dimmable lights, built-in heaters and Bluetooth loudspeakers within the base, and could be left outdoors throughout the year, so they are an operating option in addition to searching good.


Recessed lights make the perfect idea for lighting the right path round the deck and illuminating decking walkways as well as decorative deck railing ideas. They’re broadly available on the web as well as in-store but you’ll have to look just a little further if you wish to create much more of an authentic look.

Adding a coloured glow by using LEDs inside a contemporary deck plan results in a stylish effect. Deck lighting continues to be transformed through the latest LEDs offering designer looks, including lights that change color and systems that may be controlled from as much as 40 ft (12 meters) away by your smartphone.

This enables you to pick the color and brightness, in addition to preferred effects for example fade, strobe or flash without departing the home. Ideal for parties!

4. Choose A FAST FIX

Illuminate your deck with a few super effects for a quick night-time transformation. Selecting backyard string light ideas with warm white-colored bulbs and looping them overhead may be the quickest way to produce a magical glow. Hang them from awnings, pergolas or trees to have an instant makeover.

Outdoors from the summer time several weeks mains or battery-operated lights can give a better and much more intense glow than solar outside light ideas. If you wish to double the amount effect, search for connectable lights so that you can extend the results wherever you would like. With simple connectors around the ends of every string, it’s increasingly simple to produce the right length for that space you are interested in.

5. Give A Fire Bowl Or More Towards The LIGHTING MIX

There is something magical during the night concerning the light tossed from fires. With regards to deck lighting ideas adding a firepit, log burning brazier, outside hearth or chimenea can help to increase the occasion and it is always a draw. It enables you to extend get-togethers late in to the night too because it offers warmth in addition to extra light, so things do not have to finish once it cools lower.

Search for firepits which are made from metal or surefire on sturdy legs to ensure that they’re off the floor. Don’t put your fire bowl directly alongside anything that may easily catch fire rather than make use of your fire bowl in windy conditions, especially on the wood deck.

The flickering flames can create interesting shadows too especially if your deck is edged by borders of planting. Enhance this effect further with the addition of up-lighters at the bottom of plants and recessed deck lights so you’ve lights at different levels to maximise the result.