David Bowie’s New York apartment is a stylish haven with views across SoHo – for $16.8 million

Existence on Mars? No, it’s existence in SoHo. After under 30 days available on the market, David Bowie’s former New You are able to apartment is under contract to become offered for $16.8 million. Situated in stylish Nolita, the nine-story building goes back to 1886, if this offered because the Hawley & Hoops chocolate factory.

After being changed into a condominium within the 1990s, reports* suggest David purchased the house in 1999 for $3.81 million. Then he gone to live in the home full-time together with his wife Iman in 2002.

Among the most influential musicians from the twentieth century, David Bowie was awarded 10 platinum album certifications within the United kingdom along with a further five in america. He seemed to be listed among the 100 Finest Artists ever – and also the Finest Superstar Ever by Moving Stone after his dying in 2016.

Today, the background music icon’s former house is a curated utopia of artworks, fashion books, along with a rattan-filed kitchen – becoming a trove of interior planning tips in the heart of SoHo.

Hidden within the 19th-century property, David Bowie’s apartment epitomizes Manhattan’s laid-back sophistication through its vibrantly patterned soft furnishings and colorful accessories.

We’re stealing neutral family room ideas in the monochromatic open-plan living area, including its retro-inspired lighting fixtures and statement orchid that functions as the focus from the dining room table. Basically we can’t quite recreate the apartment’s unrivaled look at the main one World Trade Center, we are able to always dream.

In comparison, the eclectic library space combines interior styles – channeling a conventional aesthetic through its book-filled wooden shelves and contemporary printed decor that graces the patterned floor.

Meanwhile, the expansive cooking area is simply as stylish, boasting a metallic breakfast bar and backsplash that induce a juxtaposition from the 1970s style rattan wall and chocolate-hued wood details.

You will find bathroom ideas in abundance, too: the metallic features continue in to the bathroom space having a free standing silver tub and dark marble worktops that stick out from the neutral-toned tiles.

This plan continues in to the bed room, whose soft palette frames the colours of recent You are able to past the window.

The library adjoins the apartment’s noticably asset – the terrace. The area boasts outside dining space and room for sun loungers, not to mention, an unequaled view across lower Manhattan. This apartment takes our roof garden suggestions to new heights.

The apartment is under agreement for $16.8 million with Stuart Moss from the Corcoran Group. * Property history via New You are able to listing site Street Easy.