Country living room ideas – rustic looks for your lounge

Your country family room ideas should would be the heart of the house, a good option to relax and relax, encircled by little luxuries. Among the hallmarks of country family room ideas is they are simple to tailor for your style – fill your home with heirloom furniture, clashing patterns and bold colours, or ensure that it stays pared back with muted shades, natural finishes and plain fabrics, and you’ll have a welcoming, relaxed rustic space that’s unique for you.

The way you plan to apply your space, and be it your main sitting area or else you have further areas to relax and entertaining, will assist you to define your family room ideas. There are other details to think about when designing this look, too – these country family room ideas and tips can help you have it perfect.

1. CHOOSE Happy COLOR For The COUNTRY Family Room

When you are developing a moodboard for the country family room ideas, don’t feel you need to balance a bold print with pared-back color. Sometimes, being vibrant and bold is the greatest option – particularly with country curtain suggestions for living spaces.

‘Here, it’s the wondrous color – in the punchy cushions and lamp towards the grounding pale pink from the upholstery – that can help highlight the good thing about the floral,’ states Ella Richards, Mind of Design at Linwood. These drapes have been in their Albertine Classic Rose fabric.

2. MIX FINISHES Inside A COUNTRY Family Room

‘Modern country design is how tradition meets modern-day coping with distressed finishes, mixed metals, handcrafted furniture, and a straightforward color plan moored in earth tones,’ advises Amber Dunford, Style Director at Overstock.

‘To balance the nation elements, go for prints that do not feel excessively precious and also have a little bit of modernity for them, like a check or perhaps a ticking stripe. Textiles for example leather and suede combined with industrial materials like iron and brass will prove to add the perfect quantity of sternness towards the lightheartedness of the country aesthetic.

‘Liveable comfort and family-centric styles are staples of the style, so a clear-lined sofa with overstuffed loose cushions will help you strike that balance between modern and country.’


‘The contemporary country look is about achieving an account balance of comfort, tradition and magnificence,’ states fabric designer Cent Morrison. ‘The spaces should feel inviting and galvanizing.

‘It’s important to concentrate on the standard options that come with a house instead of trying to hide or change them. Enhance them by decorating a hearth, say, or painting joinery inside a high-gloss lacquer finish.

‘When mixing patterns inside a room, achieve this inside a similar color plan. This can bring depth and harmony towards the space, keeping things vibrant and fascinating without which makes it feel too picky or orchestrated.

‘I would say it is advisable to perform the upholstery in plain colors or muted small prints, and save the bigger, bolder patterns for accessories for example cushions or ottomans, or you possess a bigger space, a couple of chairs.’

4. EXPOSE Stone Or Brick WALLS

If your home is fortunate with beautiful stonework or old brick walls, consider revealing that natural rustic beauty inside your country family room ideas – even when it’s just in a single focus, like the chimney.

‘Think to the nation farmhouses of history many of these spaces may have had stone or brick walls,’ explains Ryan Johnson from Land of Rugs.

‘Whether it’s one of the things wall or all of the walls in your home, uncovered brick can also add drama for your space. It’s also important to note that uncovered stone or brick works perfectly with carpet or hardwood floors.’


‘Keep decor personal and significant. Country existence is all about welcoming people to your home, discussing tales and encounters,’ advises Marian ‘Mimi’ Meacham, Principal of Houston-based Marian Louise Designs. ‘Decor products which are personal for you are instant conversation starters.’

Books, collections, photographs and artworks will all bring an individual touch for your country family room ideas. ‘Display treasures and collectibles you’ve accumulated during your existence and travels for your warm, inviting feel,’ states Mimi.