Country kitchen island ideas – 5 stylish, storage-packed designs

Country kitchen island ideas provides you with extra storage and countertop space. Adding a rustic kitchen island allows you to create dedicated zones, too, supplying a casual divide between your kitchen and adjacent living areas while still maintaining your prepare space active in the social activity.

Indeed, a main kitchen island can serve numerous purposes – from as being a preparation station to housing sinks, cookers and appliances – transforming the means by that you simply make use of your country kitchen. Extending the countertop and adding bar seating even give a dining space that’s ideal for quick breakfasts or entertaining.

‘Larger, fitted islands could be multi-functional, incorporating appliances, breakfast bars and lots of additional factors. In smaller sized kitchens, a peninsula can frequently be considered a better option to a main island. This layout is less space hungry, but nonetheless has got the same convenience of storage and multi-tasking,’ advises Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore.

1. Produce A SOCIAL HUB In The Middle Of Your Kitchen

Among the largest draws to country kitchen islands would be the social space they create. When combined with a recessed section and bar-style kitchen island seating, they’ve created a casual dining space that connects the running kitchen with all of those other room.

‘It’s not a secret everybody wants to stay in your kitchen – make certain to produce ample seating for the crowd. When choosing a countertop, make sure to take into account overhang depth so that your stools fit underneath,’ advises Cortney Bishop principal designer and who owns Cortney Bishop Design.

Roughly 15 inches of kitchen countertop overhang is going to be sufficient to support most types of bar-seating.

‘When creating island seating, I additionally intentionally extend along side it panels across the countertop’s full width,’ continues Cortney. ‘This design enables the area to look a lot more like a furniture piece while casually tucking the stools from traffic flow.’


Whether or not you’re researching country kitchen island ideas or are searching for additional general suggestions about designing a kitchen area island, the concepts from the are identical.

First you have to be sure that the island doesn’t become a blockage. Make sure that there’s a minimum of 42 inches between your island and wall cabinets, because this will let a couple pass one another quite easily, and a minimum of 60 inches from a wall and breakfast bar to permit chairs to become brought out. Simultaneously, it is crucial that your island isn’t too distant from all of your cooking space. Make sure that any cooking zones are in most 9 ft from each other.

This elegant design from Interior Impressions strikes an ideal balance supplying a practical cooking space, filled with sink, in addition to a spacious position for family and buddies to stay.

3. Take Full Advantage Of COUNTRY VIEWS

As our kitchens are redesigned and reconstructed, we discover ourselves prioritizing methods to increase sun light and space in equal measure. As a result, glazed doorways have rapidly be a favorite feature, flooding the area with light whilst supplying seamless accessibility garden.

When integrated into country kitchen diners, particularly individuals that boast beautiful views from the countryside, doorways may also define your whole kitchen’s design. By positioning your country kitchen island before them, a constantly-altering view while cooking is going to be available, while your cooking and entertaining space is going to be nice vibrant.

Designed and crafted by Bert & May, this kitchen has cabinetry constructed from sustainable wood and oak dovetailed drawers capped as the country-style island is capped having a raw copper worktop that can help to mirror light to the room.


Country kitchen island ideas do not have to reflect your cabinetry. Rather, consider upgrading an old-fashioned farmhouse table having a stone countertop which will help to imbue your kitchen area having a softer, country-inspired look, ideal for complementing other traditional kitchen ideas.

‘To help tone lower the utilitarian feel from the room I love to add antiques, art, soft furnishings and ornamental products,’ explains Henriette von Stockhausen, designer at VSP Interiors. ‘Adding a tropical towards the space aids in this, instantly being a relaxed place where someone can sit having a glass of vino and chat as the host is cooking, to organize food, along with a spot to display some beautiful containers, flowers – a centerpiece of the kitchen.’


Country kitchen islands are not only used by of expansive open plan spaces as even small kitchen ideas can usually benefit from the extra preparation space that country kitchen island ideas bring.

The bottom line is you prioritized and streamline. First decide regardless of whether you would like your country kitchen island to supply preparation space or perhaps a social, sitting room. This should help you to define the aim of your design. Next, make sure that no space is wasted. The united states island, created by Oakley Moore, prioritizes preparation space, whilst incorporating open shelving around the finish from the island and cabinetry around the reverse.

‘Help your small kitchen island ideas stick out using a different color to all of those other cabinetry. Ideas used a hot yellow from Benjamin Moore to utilize the Fired Earth tiled backsplash although all of those other space is extremely neutral. A great method to inject just a little color inside a neutral space,’ states Kate Aslangul, founding father of Oakley Moore.