Country curtain ideas for living rooms – window dressings for rural settings

Calm and regarded interiors are fundamentally of the country home, in which a restful plan will soothe and enable you to definitely enjoy and relax the charms of the rural setting. Within the family room, curtains can enhance that feeling.

Framing your home windows properly will help you to enjoy any country views you might have been fortunate with, and will be offering privacy when it’s needed and developing a warm and welcoming atmosphere inside.

1. Know How LIGHT ENTERS Your House

The quantity of light coming using your home windows can change at different occasions during the day, along with the season – and it is vital that you take that into consideration when planning your country curtain ideas.

‘Spend amount of time in each room at different occasions during the day and evening to know the way the light moves around your home,’ explains Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains. ‘This will be lighting choices and layout, in addition to choosing which window coverings will be perfect for the area.’

Don’t feel make use of only one sort of window treatment inside a room. Here, both roller blinds and curtains happen to be selected to produce the very best impact on the home windows and French doorways.


Floor-to-ceiling draperies can make an optical illusion, helping a ceiling appear greater than. This can be a ideal for country curtain ideas, particularly if your rustic house is more cosy cottage than rural manor house.

Squeeze curtain rail towards the top of the wall, underneath the ceiling, and extend the curtains towards the floor.

This trick could work with blinds, too – simply hang Roman blinds outdoors the frame and flush beside one another to own illusion of height and width. Selecting a little repeat design inside a neutral shade can help the area appear bigger.


This beautiful design used across wallpaper and blind fabric brings the countryside to existence within this modern rustic family room. The plain curtains, in comparison, give a pause among all of the pattern – just like a pond would produce a calm space inside a garden filled with flowers.

‘This room is flooded with sun light and outside elements to mirror design for the Glasshouse print,’ explains Amy Bant, Soft Furnishings and Interiors Expert at Graham & Brown. ‘The Wallace Mist curtains frame the home windows and complement the patterned wallpaper and blinds.’


‘Curtains really are a smart and ornamental method to zone open-plan rooms or make smaller sized spaces continue to work harder,’ explains Ann Grafton, Managing and inventive Director at GP&J Baker.

‘You can also add some much-needed colour and texture for your interior, too. Produce a calm room using a pretty print or embroidery as curtains to screen off storage or perhaps a workspace. Small-scale block prints make fabulous collected skirts for dressing tables and sinks, for any timeless country house look.’

5. Ensure That It Stays SHEER In A Tiny ROOM

‘If you’ve small home windows then keep dressings low to permit maximum light to your room. It’s also wise to go for colors that stretch your décor, staying away from breaks or lines that emphasise smaller sized spaces,’ states interior designer Amy Wilson, from 247 Curtains.

‘Roller blinds have minimal effect on a window when folded fully up. You might select a wooden unaware of give total control of the sunshine while using tilt feature, encouraging the illusion of the bigger space.’