Considerations to make before selecting a Meditation Pillow!


In order to achieve a calm, sound, and conscious state of mind, meditation focuses on breathing, repeating a mantra, and concentrating on clearing your thoughts. Some specialists claim that this technique can lessen stress, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. You must sit on the floor with your legs crossed when practising meditation. But if you have to hold this position for a long time, it might be uncomfortable. You’ll need a mat or a cushion to sit on while meditation to make yourself more comfortable. To ensure that you are at ease while practising meditation, you should have a seat, such as a meditation cushion. By concentrating your attention on something peaceful, you can also utilise it to unwind and manage stress. You can learn to keep your focus and maintain inner serenity by practising meditation.

The two most common varieties of meditation cushions on the market are zabuton and zafu pillows. More compact and higher than Zabuton pillows are Zafu cushions. Zabuton cushions, on the other hand, are larger and shorter and provide a cosy platform for your knees. Decide the cushion you’ll need and how long each session will last. Of course, you have the choice to purchase both cushions if you plan to meditate at various times.

Below are certain things you should keep in mind before buying yourself a meditation pillow:

  1. Look out for the shape of your pillow- Different shapes are available for meditation cushions. Large rectangular mats are comparable to zabuton pillows. On the other hand, Zafu cushions are available in U-shaped, round, and rectangular styles. A round Zafu cushion is the traditional design used for meditation. Both meditation and yoga can be practised on a rectangular Zafu bolster. But why do certain bolsters for meditation have a U or V shape? By elevating the hips, U- and V-shaped cushions are intended to prevent knee and hip injuries and lessen back pain. Elevating specific muscles or joints can help prevent injuries from worsening, especially for people who already have current or reoccurring ailments.
  2. See if you are comfortable or not – You can achieve a rich and peaceful night’s sleep by meditating before bed. Additionally, you want to practise meditation without experiencing any discomfort, such as leg or knee pain. Therefore, pick a meditation cushion that can offer you the most level of comfort. Put your buttocks on the front half of the Zafu cushion when using one. Make sure your legs are comfortably crossed in front of you. To prevent numbness, tingling, and pain, which are symptoms of abnormal blood flow, you can cross your legs at any angle that doesn’t seem uncomfortable.
  3. A pillow that moulds to your shape – A Zafu meditation cushion can be something you want to think about using because it conforms to your shape and offers a comfy sitting. It guarantees fewer stresses on the joints and more support for the spine. Small cushions called zafu pillows are used to raise the hips when meditating. They are multifunctional, flexible and foldable, soft, and cosy. Your hips will be raised by the cushion, helping you to keep a straight posture. When crossing your legs, be careful to use a mat to provide a soft spot for the knees to rest.
  4. Choose the height of your pillow accordingly – Zafu meditation pillows are available in a variety of heights, with five inches being the lowest. It’s crucial to take your height into account while selecting a meditation cushion. A taller cushion may be preferred by those who are taller; a lesser pillow should be chosen by those who are shorter.
  5. Always choose a portable pillow – You can get diverse views, inspiration, and concentration when you meditate in various parts of your house or outside. So, you need a portable meditation cushion that you can take with you wherever you go. How do you then locate one that you can take with you everywhere? Pillows for meditation cushions come in a variety of styles. Some include handles for convenient carrying. There are cushions that can be carried anyplace. Even some meditation cushions may be inflated or folded, which makes them easier to transport and store when not in use.

No matter whatever meditation cushion you use, be sure to try to sit naturally. Your blood circulation, level of relaxation, and general meditation practise can all benefit by wriggling and crossing your legs in the most comfortable manner. Once you’ve discovered the ideal meditation pillow, you’ll relish each session that helps you achieve overall fitness and good health.