Colorful console table trend – 2022 is all about nostalgic tones for your hallway

Generally overlooked, hallways are – literally – the doorway to your residence. Usually, readers are experiencing and enjoying the hallway simply because they come and go your house, it is therefore worth taking into consideration the lasting impression this, frequently forgotten, space might have inside it. That’s where the colorful console table trend is essential.

Typically narrow, a hallway can be displayed like difficult room to produce. Not only due to space limitations but the requirement of practical elements, for instance necessary storage. That mentioned, these space and styling limitations might be beneficial when thinking about hallway decor ideas, since it reduces endless choices, therefore making decision time faster plus much more meticulous.

When thinking about recommendations for narrow hallways, it’s worth taking into consideration the choice of furniture. If you’re selecting a console table, you might wish to pick a design getting a slim profile that allows for further floor area. Selecting console table styles with extra storage is an additional easy way to help open a place.

As being a downstairs toilet, the hallway is a good opportunity to become daring with design. Picking out a bold wallpaper or trying out your hallway color ideas may add personality with a space, while creating an optical illusion in the overall size the region. If decorating with color is a lot of dedication, adding a vibrant console table could be the perfect approach to introduce some vibrancy to your residence – ready to welcome these potential customers.


‘Our customers will often have loved our subtle colors but lately we have introduced more vibrant shades, and I have to admit, people love them.’ states Matteo Scazzola, Furniture Manager, Chelsea Textiles.

A year ago, the firm introduced the Bobbin Collection for his or her furniture range, presented to its customers in a number of color options. Finishes change from zingy yellows, to the more subtle shades of grey as proven here round the Bobbin console, $1,918.94/£1,450, by Turner Pocock for Chelsea Textiles. ‘The colors are really used across our Mid-Century Collection, too’, explains Matteo, highlighting very good from the colorful range.

When requested in what expect from Chelsea Textiles in 2022, Matteo adds ‘We will introduce deeper colors. Don’t be afraid to don’t adhere to traditional schemes – be bold, if that is what you are looking at.’

2. CONSIDER SHAPE And The Way It’ll Operate In The Region

Typically, the console table could be the only little bit of large furniture in the hallway space, it is therefore worth considering it’s impact. We’ve already highlighted the value of color consideration – shape might be much like important, as Mirka Gröhn, Designer & Fo-Founder, &New, highlights ‘We love getting fun with colors and color combinations for rooms, as much as we love to bold shapes.’

‘Color is central to &New designs. At this time I am really enjoying orangey red, yellowy white-colored-colored and vibrant eco-friendly. Jo [Wilton, Co-Founder, &New] and i also discuss color a good deal and draw inspiration from architecture and nature. Inside your house color might be frightening. Often it can appear to become overwhelming to pick “the very best color” and people finish off buying neutrals,’ adds Mirka.

When presenting bold hues with a space, Mirka advises, ‘start getting a piece of furniture in the color that you just love then boost the colorful pieces in individually to check on once they interact.’ The firm’s Giraffe console table, $1,588.09/£1,200, by Jo Wilton & Mirka Gröhn for &New, is a good instance of how adding color and fit around just a little space can create a real effect on the overall impact.


This fall, we’d the launch in the Tanjina console table, $2,183.62/£1,650, by William Yeoward, a Moroccan-inspired piece that’s offered in a number of vibrant shades. ‘The type of our Tanjina console was inspired having a piece that William been in his house in Gloucestershire,’ explains Chris Grafham, Ceo, William Yeoward.

‘In regards to colors, we have always used a comprehensive palette inside our collections. We recently launched our personal Paint collection with 114 shades. For that Tanjina consoles, we chose favorite colors out of your Paint collection from within the spectrum to make certain our customers would find what they really want,’ adds Chris.

When discussing nokia’s customer trends, Chris shares, ‘We have certainly seen more curiosity about color over the past few years.’ adding, ‘I believe that we’ll see a lot more eco-friendly used generally. It’s this kind of great color and there are many shades. It feels really as soon as particularly coupled with greys.’

‘You don’t have to show your home into an Aladdin’s cave but equally you do not need something to become tonally the identical.’ advises Chris. ‘For some, it is all about color and maximalism, while for some individuals, color may be used becoming an accent using what could be a more neutrally colored atmosphere.’


Just like a brand, Julian Chichester is actually bold while using color and material finishes of the designs. Frequently creating statement pieces that push limitations. ‘More is a lot more, ‘t be afraid to clash patterns and blend colors’, states Jodie Hopkins, sales marketing director, Julian Chichester.

‘Bringing color to furnishings are most certainly a common choice with this particular clients, obtaining a line like our Colorist Collection and offering a bespoke/custom service, enables our clients to offer the freedom to get bold yet offer the design.’ explains Jodie.

The strong clean lines in the Triangular console, $2,681.22/£2,026, by Julian Chichester, mixes traditional craftsmanship getting an exciting and textured teal faux shagreen tabletop. ‘We are most definitely going to a increase in confidence with color from clients, particularly with custom pieces,’ states Jodie.

When asking about approaching trends, Jodie adds, ‘We’re still seeing lots of muddy vegetables and calming blues coming through around the lacquer pieces alongside really individuals striking bold patterns the fabrics selected for that upholstery goods. Rising we’re seeing wealthy spice colors, rusty oranges, reds and terracotta earthy tones.’


‘In line using this year’s blossoming trend more daring colors in your house, 2022 will capture the color explosion of 2021 though the softening of vibrant hues and nostalgic tones,’ states Solenne en Fouchardiere, Founder and Designer, Ochre.

Nokia’s Wisp console table, $4,351.36/£3,288, Ochre, takes inspiration from fall ingredients ‘such as quince, truffle and blackcurrant’ describes Solenne. This supple leather table, a cloth synonymous with the organization, is supplied in a number of color options, to help transform a simple entry table in to a statement feature. ‘An easy and simple , elegant approach to add both warmth and interest with a hallway entrance,’ adds Solene.