Cloakroom ideas — steal space for an extra bathroom or downstairs toilet

Correctly designed and handle cloakroom ideas are a good addition to your house.

Whether you’re planning an under-stairs conversion, a brand new use to have an unused utility room or perhaps an extension, a cloakroom is definitely well worth the extra investment.

Well-designed cloakroom or powder room ideas won’t increase the value of your house, it may be particularly handy when you are entertaining. Or when youngsters are happening within the garden and also you don’t would like them hurrying up and lower stairs.

1. Choose A DARK COLOR Plan

While decorating having a dark colored plan could be challenging get right, a considered approach is going to be rewarded with a simple but impactful cloakroom, regardless of how small or big.

In addition, the dark bathroom color scheme will function as a canvas for interesting objects and furnishings, in addition to beautiful powder room wall decor, like the mirror proven above.

Plus, it can help to delineate the area, thus developing a ‘zone’. You could generate touches of color with accessories and linen whenever you want to.


Think creatively with regards to clever suggestions to stash your cloakroom basics.

Good bathroom storage suggestions for small spaces are crucial to creating these two facets of the cloakroom work, however a limited or awkward-formed space can produce a challenge with regards to making the very best of any cloakroom.

‘Although hidden storage is sensible, never be enticed to seal everything away,’ states interior designer Deana Ashby. ‘Instead use a mix of built-in cabinets and shelving to supply lots of storage but without attaching the area.’

3. Create A CLOAKROOM In The Attic

Frequently underused and unloved, the area in the attic is the best spot for a cloakroom.

If it is easy to operate water for this spare corner – whether it sits near the kitchen for example – then it’s worth considering altering it right into a cloakroom or perhaps an extra bath.

For those who have three or fewer bedrooms, seek advice from a nearby realtor first, though, to uncover if this sounds like what buyers in your town are searching for.


Wallpaper went through different periods of recognition, however the latest trends are concentrating on using wallpaper more liberally, selecting more daring and bold prints for the powder room.

This striking wallpaper idea would work best with a little cloakroom or powder room. Then you most probably do not have much surfaces and may go as bold while you dare.

Contrary to public opinion, wallpaper and bathrooms do mix. This fierce plan, created by Studio Indigo, ought to be enough to convince you of this.


The very best rural cloakrooms and powder rooms incorporate materials and textures that reflect the making of your building, as well as the rural views outdoors your window.

There’s been an upsurge of great interest in rough-hewn materials and traditional craftsmanship for that country-style cloakroom. Artisan-inspired and hands-crafted bowls, cabinetry and accessories that epitomize traditional crafts, heritage design and retro classics will prove to add real character and personality for your space.

‘The concept that less is much more – and quality is more suitable to quantity – is getting in regards to a go back to natural materials,’ states Gill Couple of, Funnel Manager at Kohler.