clever ways to use a range cooker – that don’t involve cooking

Essential-have for just about any country kitchen, a variety oven is really a warming centerpiece that cooks superbly, but additionally has many other potential uses.

Range cookers are frequently generically known as Agas, following the legendary British manufacturer, but there are a variety of other well-known brands, so that you can begin using these suggestions for whatever range oven you have.

People use their range cookers for lots of things,’ states Laura James, Aga brand ambassador. ‘Over time we’ve encounter numerous tales of lambs being elevated within the warming oven as well as ostrich eggs being hatched!’

These ideas might appear unusual, but there are lots of other advantages to be acquired from putting your range oven to a different use.


Range cookers are ideal for drying smaller sized lots of laundry. ‘Hang moist dishcloths around the rail, stack clothes on the lid, or use a clothes racks that hangs over the oven,’ states Graham Duke from leading electric range oven manufacturer Everhot.

Should you hate ironing, then make use of your range oven to get rid of creases from fabrics. ‘Fold washing and pop it around the simmering plate lid so the requirement for ironing is reduced or removed,’ states James. It will require a couple of hrs, or leave products overnight.

Utilizing a range oven for ironing works well with smaller sized products, for example napkins, cloths, t-shirts and pillowcases. To safeguard the material from browning, you need to use an appliance cover within the hotplate.

2. DEHYDRATING Vegetables And Fruit

‘You may use your range oven for drying fruit – that is efficient at The holiday season,’ states Duke.

If using small fruits you are able to dry out them whole, but bigger fruits, for example oranges, ought to be sliced first. Put on a baking sheet engrossed in greaseproof paper, and make the warming oven. It will need a couple of hrs for that fruit to completely dry up.

Exactly the same technique also can be useful for tomato plants, that is ideal if you are a house grower playing a glut in the finish of year. Halve them and put facing upwards around the tray. When dehydrated, you can the tomato plants inside a jar with essential olive oil.

Celebrity home prepare Mary Berry revealed to Aga that they regularly uses her range oven to dry out food. ‘I put seeds at the rear of the Aga to dry up.’ she states. ‘When I purchase a lot of mushrooms, I slice them up and set them at the rear of the Aga to dry. It will a lot of jobs for me personally. I couldn’t imagine existence without them.’


For those who have fresh herbs that you would like to utilise before linked with emotions . wilt, then drying them will preserve them which help to accentuate the taste in recipes. This method works brilliantly on oregano, thyme, rosemary oil, sage, mint and tulsi.

You’ll need fresh herbs with this – don’t use wilted, discolored leaves. It’s better to use whole stems instead of individual leaves, and concentrate on the newer growth, as older growth can taste bitter.

Simply put the herbs on the baking sheet within the warming oven for a couple of hours – checking from time to time – and take away once dry and crisped. Then grind in the dried herbs utilizing a pestle and mortar and store within an airtight jar.

4. Showing DOUGH

A variety oven is really a bread maker’s closest friend. It doesn’t only bake bread perfectly, however it offers the optimum showing temperature for dough.

‘Sour dough appearing out of the fridge is going to be superbly elevated near the oven,’ states Everhot’s Duke.

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood takes his bread-making a step further together with his range oven. ‘I perform a large amount of ?atbreads directly to the hotplate and it is great,’ he told Aga. Also, he uses his range oven like a pizza oven. ‘It does take it up much greater than the usual conventional oven, to get a great sting onto it,’ he states.


For those who have a persistent metal lid on the container or jar, then rather of straining yourself and risking breaking it, release it to the number.

‘Metal jam jars covers which are really tight can be put lid lower around the hot plate – because the metal expands the lid will end up simple to remove,’ states Duke. ‘Just make sure to open it up having a cloth!’