Cleaning with lemon juice – things you can clean with lemon

Fresh lemon juice is ideal for contributing to tea and, obviously, it can make great lemonade. But are you aware that there’s also lots of stuff you can clean with fresh lemon juice, too?

‘I love getting a bowl filled with lemons within my house,’ states Queen of unpolluted Lynsey Crombie. ‘Not only will they help brighten our kitchen but they may be really handy which help by helping cover their the cleaning. Making changes such as this and taking advantage of less toxins is really healthy for you and also the atmosphere. Lemons not just smell gorgeous but can certainly help improve shine. It’s really surprising how you can clean with fresh lemon juice in your house.’


‘You can clean your wooden cutting board with half a lemon along with a little coarse salt,’ states Lynsey Crombie. ‘All you need to do is cut a lemon in two and sprinkle the salt within the chopping board. Then using the lemon facing downwards simply scour the top of chopping board, squeezing slightly to produce the fresh lemon juice along the way. Let take about fifteen minutes to own lemon and salt serious amounts of work, Then scrape away any lemon bits and rinse with tepid to warm water along with a clean sponge or cloth.’


Within the refrigerator can soon begin to smell icky if food beeps or perhaps is well-past its sell-by date. To stop this from turning the entire fridge sour, without cleaning a fridge, cut a lemon in two and put it inside. Leave for around half an hour and you’ll possess a fresh-smelling refrigerator.


Basically we may make sure to clean the oven every occasionally, the microwave is frequently forgotten. ‘Microwaves can be simply cleaned with hot soap and water but as would be to warm up a slice of lemon inside a water bath, that will remove odors and your microwave smelling fresh,’ advises Clare Edwards, Home Economist at Smeg.

‘Dishwashers may also be freshened track of lemons with the addition of a couple of wedges of lemon towards the utensils basket or tray.’

The bottom line is to microwave the bowl water and fresh lemon for around 5 minutes until boiling. Wait another 5 minutes before you decide to open the doorway to allow the steam do its magic.


Making your personal environmentally sound products in your own home isn’t just better for that atmosphere it saves money, too. ‘One trick would be to make your own furniture polish with fresh lemon juice,’ states Lucy Searle, Global Editor in Chief for houses & Gardens. ‘Just mix a double edged sword of essential olive oil to 1 part fresh lemon juice and going for a flannel, utilize it to shine rustic wooden furniture for example tables, chairs, dressers and sideboards. Prior to going ahead, make certain you give it a try on the hidden area – in the drawer or even the bottom of the tabletop – to make certain it doesn’t stain, as not every forest are appropriate.’


You are able to tackle limescale by cleaning with fresh lemon juice. If you reside in a calcium in the water area, limescale deposits soon develop on from faucets and sinks to shower screens, showerheads, kettles and occasional machines. You are able to remove individuals nutrients on faucets by spraying some fresh lemon juice around the area. Simply wait about fifteen minutes before wiping off and rinsing with cold water.