Christmas styling – 3 last-minute tips from designer Birdie Fortescue

Searching for many last-minute Christmas styling tips? ‘However prepared you may be for the appearance of buddies and family for Christmas, it’s so frequently the situation that you want you’d had the capacity to create a couple of extra tweaks and finishing touches,’ states designer Birdie Fortescue.

‘If you’ve found yourself dashing throughout the house wondering steps to make everything look just a little better, then continue reading in my three simple steps to Christmas styling perfection!’

1. Bring Your Adornments UP A NOTCH

‘Christmas adornments are among very couple of stuff that the greater-is-more rule pertains to! But maximalism doesn’t need to be tacky – using plenty of natural materials and earthy tones keeps Christmas styling gentle and timeless. In case your primary entertaining space feels just a little bare then be aware associated with a surface that may be draped having a simple garland. Deep mirrors, mantlepieces and sideboards all can look lovely decorated with simple plans of ivy, brighten, eucalyptus or carol.’

‘There frequently isn’t even any have to pre-arrange your Christmas foliage ideas – simply raid a garden or nearest hedgerow and lay branches in situ. Working in the middle outwards is usually best and implies that the fragile fronds drape attractively within the ends or edges of the surface.’


‘The trick for you to get Christmas family room decor ideas right would be to begin by standing back and going for a good consider the room in general. This should help you to concentrate in on key colors and exercise exactly what’s missing.

‘Nine occasions from 10, you are able to massively improve Christmas styling by concentrating on soft furnishings and lighting. Presenting some plump new cushions for your sofa and armchairs is among the quickest and easiest methods to provide a room an entirely different look.

‘It’s very simple to get accustomed to your plan and never observe that fabrics are searching just a little tired or inners are just like flat so a couple of new additions can inject new existence within moments. Choose 2 or 3 colors out of your plan after which choose cushions in various textures based on these tones.

‘A failsafe arrangement on the big sofa is by using large, plain cushions behind after which stack forward with slightly smaller sized square and rectangular cushions in front. Strive for asymmetry but balance out on another hesitate to combine patterns. Armchairs are simple to restyle – simply select a square cushion that matches easily between your arms and employ an oblong cushion in-front for ultimate comfort.’

‘The next points to consider are rugs and throws. It’s amazing exactly what a difference an area rug could make to some room and when selected carefully it may instantly tie a plan together although also supplying valuable warmth and comfort.

‘In a sitting area always select a rug that fills the primary part of the room and sits just underneath all the furniture round the edge. ‘Floating’ rugs will never be advisable because they affect the proportions of the space and may make rooms look smaller sized compared to what they are. To state nothing to be an annoying trip hazard! This same fundamental rule for family room rug ideas will also apply to bedrooms, halls and dining rooms.

‘If doubtful always go bigger instead of smaller sized and make certain the rug fills the area generously. Within this sitting area we required a formerly very bland space and introduced strong tones of blue and red to echo the colours within the painting. The rug helped to tie the entire palette together making the area feel much warmer.’


With short time, concentrate on making your bed as stylish and comfy as you possibly can, beginning having a well-made blank canvas along with a generous stack of pillows on every side. For ultimate layering, begin to style a bed having a bedspread that covers the whole bed, adding a coordinating throw in the feet and 2 pairs of cushions that will sit facing the stacked pillows.

‘Use a mix of plains and patterns out on another be put off by a mixture of textures and fashions. Square or rectangular cushions work nicely on beds and can also be mixed together so choose!’