Christmas dining room decor – ideas for festive feasting spaces

Whether for any big feast or perhaps an intimate affair, Christmas dining area decor is generally the focus for everyone’s family celebrations.

Gathering round for any Christmas meal with the trimmings is among the most wondrous facets of the holiday season – but basically we all expect towards the food, hosting it inside a space that feels transportive and enchanting is the reason why it feel special.

Sitting lower to Christmas table decor that has big festive statements in addition to little surprises can make your food even more memorable, while creating an immersive feeling of holiday spirit with the room’s wider decor is a method to produce a true feeling of magic.


A Christmas table centerpiece is really a happy factor – although not whether it will get when it comes to you can either seeing your visitors or having the ability to achieve for that gravy.

‘If space is an issue, why don’t you string a centerpiece over the dining space, departing more room for food, drinks and party games,’ states Claire Hornby, Mind of Creative at Barker & Stonehouse. ‘Hanging fresh greenery and twigs accented with glittery baubles and twine will offer you an all natural twist, although a conference of fairy lights and layered candlelight up for grabs and chairs can create a gentle, cozy glow.’


Crockery is a lot more than functional at Christmas – selecting festively patterned plates and much more can perform wonders for the style of the whole dining area.

‘Lay your crockery ahead of time,’ advises stylist Kerry Lockwood. ‘It may appear unnecessary but lounging your crockery makes a significant difference towards the overall impact of the table setting. I love to set my table on Christmas Eve so it’s a pleasant focus on Christmas morning. Try matching and mixing your crockery to include more interest.’ For some extra surprise, add Christmas table presents alongside your home settings.


‘Mood lights are important,’ Jessica Hanley, Founding father of Piglet During Sex. ‘If it’s a special day, I frequently go for candle lights within the center to produce a more festive feeling.’

Within this example, tabletop Christmas tree decor is combined with numerous candle lights for any glowingly festive look.

‘Candles will always be an important prop whenever I am setting my Christmas table to produce that soft, cozy glow and build an enchanting periodic ambiance to keep in mind,’ states Lockwood. ‘In my estimation, you cant ever must many candle lights! There are plenty of beautiful methods to style them, regardless of whether you prefer traditional taper candle stick holders, clusters of dainty tea lights or even more dramatic pillar candle lights in glass vases. Test out different layouts until you get a setting that actually works for the table shape.’


When exercising how you can set the right Christmas table, making certain you balance tradition with your own individual taste is essential. This rustic yet contemporary table establishing bold primary blues and reds is completed served by handcrafted ceramics and trailing garlands of delicate honesty seed heads, all presided over with a striking chandelier. Traditional touches of eco-friendly are apparent within the emerald colored glasses.


Benji Lewis, founding father of virtual interior planning service, Zoom That Room states: ‘Christmas could be demanding for most people, and instead of buying everything new, try to pay attention to a couple of key products to make sure that your table is welcoming, elegant and a bit opulent.’

‘I like splashes of gold, combined with chic colors for example blue and ivory. A good and delightful table ought to be full of your very best china and polished glasses, and anticipate to welcome everybody to some warm, fun and festive occasion.’ he continues. ‘Of course, string lights and candle lights will also be an excellent Christmas addition, getting twinkling warmth to your rooms.’

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