When choosing a cloth for just about any modern table or countertop, it might be overwhelming when dealing with many different options. Marble, granite, wood, stainless, glass, quarta movement a couple of from the choices available – each utilizing their own advantages and disadvantages.

The present table that you simply select for your household will largely depend around the functions you will need. Every type of material for tables or counters includes benefits and difficulties that each person and residential are equipped for differently. sohoConcept will be here that may help you uncover the current table and countertop material that meets your needs!

Modern Table and Countertop Material Options

There is also a many materials designed for tables and countertops. We’ve narrowed them lower with a handful of within our favourite ones to obtain started during your search for your perfect one!


Granite has typically been the most effective choice for countertops since it comes in many colours and each piece is different. It compares well to splashes, nicks, heat, and regular degeneration since it is very heavy. This weight entails the cabinetry underneath ought to be sturdy enough to assist it. As a type of stone, granite ought to be sealed and resealed every so often to avoid staining, plus you’ve got to be cautious about the products cleaners you employ about it simply because they may erode the very best as time passes.


Modern glass tables are popular for several types of tables – nesting tables, platforms, an espresso table, desks, plus much more. While solid glass is not generally useful for countertops, it’s becoming growing popular for islands or use as well as other counter materials too. The most effective benefit of glass is always that you can and also matches almost any decor.

A modern day glass table like sohoConcept’s Calvin Glass Series is really a beautiful addition for any home. Sturdy, extended lasting, sleek, and modern, you’ll be able to host large family dinners here or enjoy breakfast with a relative. We’ve our Milano Extendable Table, that’s a perfect extendable dining area table for giant family gatherings.


Wood can be a traditional countertop material that’s developing a comeback lately. While modern wood tables will be popular due to their durability and weight, wood countertops are generating a comeback due to their aesthetic. Wood could be the recommended countertop material for cutting, slicing, and chopping food. Wood countertops and butcherblocks are often produced from heavy forest, can prevent bacteria growth, and so are a beautiful combination of modern table and traditional. The Calvin Wood Series, Anne Dining Area Table, and Bosphorus Dining Tabl are kinds of modern wood tables that are beautiful and extended-lasting for a number of uses. If you’re looking for just about any lighter wood, our Malibu Dining Area Table will be natural ash.


Marble is one kind of our favourite table and countertop materials at sohoConcept. It’s glamorous, modern, luxurious, and various. Marble compares to heat well, it is therefore optimal for individuals who bake and make preparations frequently. Just like a stone (similar to granite), it may need sealing to prevent staining. Marble works well to prepare stations and tables because of its capacity to resist heat. Modern marble tables for instance sohoConcept’s Calvin Marble Series, are really excellent addendums to any dining or kitchen area.


Stainless could be the go-to option for commercial kitchens like restaurants and hotels. It’s almost indestructible, battling heat and bacteria, which is quite simple to wash. It’s more widespread in residential kitchens formerly couple decades, however it’s more problematic in this particular use. Fingerprints show effortlessly and really should easily be easily wiped off frequently, therefore it may easily dent. In the commercial kitchen, this can be normal and less problematic, in a residential kitchen that you may host dinners and let visitors over, you will possibly not desire to worry about the aesthetic from the countertop.


Tile will come in out there since the least pricey table and countertop material. Ceramic and tile will be the most generally used and offer near limitless selections for colour and elegance as well as in situation of the nick or crack, all that you should do is replace one tile. You need to make sure that it’s sealed properly, as unsealed grout is very susceptible to staining and then for any standing moisture can result in microbial growth. If you wish to apply your table or countertops to bake or prepare, tile may not be the very best brand available. Cutting boards are crucial!

Trying to find contemporary Tables?

If you’re looking for unique modern tables for your household or business, contact sohoConcept or visit our catalogue online. There’s a quantity of materials designed for modern tables, including marble, wood, and glass. Whatever your decor or taste, sohoConcept features a modern desktop to enhance.

To understand more about today’s tables, visit our catalogue or give us a call today! We’re always here that may help you find the appropriate table and material for your household or business. For the modern furniture needs,