Chic Leather Furniture the Whole Family Can Agree On

Let’s take the time to speak about leather. Guys love leather within their home exactly the same way we like leather handbags, therefore if women and men both adore this luxe material, why do couples fight frequently over leather furnishings in your home? The problem with leather is its several connotations.

The term may fill your mind with pictures of motorcycle gangs, black-and-chrome bachelor pads, cowboy outfits or smoky and harsh gentleman lounges. But reconsider. Done correctly, leather furnishings is perfect for classic and contemporary designs alike, getting a sturdy and powerful yet butter soft and luxurious material in to the interior planning realm. Today around the Kuotes, we’re passing along a lot of our some tips for decorating with leather together with highlighting leather pieces we’re sure you’ll love.

1. Balance Masculine & Feminine Qualities

An excessive amount of leather can lead to a glance that’s cold, stark, or a tad too “bachelor pad” for the home. To treat this, introduce a nice balance of textures. Simple things like a highlight pillow or plush throw blanket can give a pleasant contrast towards the material’s smooth and sleek surface. You may also pair your hide pieces alongside softer, more feminine-leaning pieces just like a linen sofa or tufted rug to attain a tactile blend that won’t read too “manly” or too “girly.”

2. Use Not Only Brown Or Black

Don’t get us wrong, we like a vintage leather armchair inside a warm, buttery brown. But when that appear to be is simply too rustic or masculine for you personally, there are many other available choices available! Modern dyeing and finishing techniques imply that the distinctive grains of high-quality leather aren’t lost when coloring, therefore more muted hues, like greys and neutrals, are actually available.

Gray tones are KKH favorite for leather pieces, but white-colored, linen, and metallic colors like silver and bronze will also be popular choices that actually create a space stick out. You may also search for pieces with embossed hides that provide a far more fashion forward look, for example faux ostrich, crocodile, or zebra.

3. Dress Up

One easy solution for balancing the masculine nature of leather furnishings would be to add embellishments towards the piece itself. The smallest detail can elevate a “worn leather couch” right into a stunning, costly-searching sofa. Consider an armchair with nailhead trim, an ottoman or Chesterfield sofa with all of-over tufting, a headboard with uncovered stitching, or perhaps a desk with gold tooling. Your guy likes the part and also you want the style, so why wouldn’t you have the very best of all possible worlds?

4. Leather’s Not Only For Sofas

Everyone knows that the gorgeous leather sofa could be a showstopper, however this versatile material could work wonders in smaller sized accents too. If he wants hide furniture but you aren’t digging the large, masculine sofa, have some compromise in smaller sized pieces such as the ottoman or periodic chair. At KKH, our favorite uses of these components can also be in decorative accessories like boxes, tables, pillows, and trays.

5. Alter the Silhouette

Area of the hesitance surrounding leather furnishings originates from the normal silhouettes you’ve seen used again and again. At KKH, we feel there’s always room of these legendary pieces (just like a classic Chesterfield), however, you shouldn’t allow you to ultimately feel restricted to these silhouettes.

A number of our pieces could be customized with almost any kind of upholstery, and you’ll find increasingly more modern designs on the website have started to incorporate these components. Mixing a contemporary silhouette with your a attempted and true materials are a terrific way to bridge the space between your old and also the new.