Can you wash pillows in the washing machine?

Are you able to wash pillows within the washer – really, with no damage to them? The truth is pillows need washing regularly to remain fresh – just like your bedlinen and comforter does – but whether pillows could be washed inside a washer can definitely simply be clarified: ‘it depends’.

Fortunately, we at Homes & Gardens are big on owning and caring to find the best pillow possible – so most of us have the solutions about regardless of whether you can wash pillows, inside a machine or otherwise.

Are You Able To WASH PILLOWS Within The Washer?

‘Pillows ought to be washed every couple of several weeks – or at best three occasions annually,’ advises Homes & Gardens’ Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. ‘However, not every pillows could be washed inside a washer.’

WHICH PILLOWS Could Be WASHED Within The Washer?

‘The most sage advice would be to check each pillow’s care instructions before putting it within the washer,’ continues Lucy Searle. ‘However, it’s safe to visualize that many fiberfill, cotton, feather or lower pillows could be washed inside a washer, though I’d advise a hot wash on the gentle cycle, and half the typical detergent, since an excessive amount of could make feather and lower clump.’

WHICH PILLOWS Can Not Be WASHED Within The Washer?

Again, look at your pillow’s label for care instructions, however if you simply can’t use whatever obvious cleaning tips about it, following a rule that latex or foam pillows can not be washed within the washer. Rather, these will have to be place-cleaned having a flannel drizzled with an inadequate soapy solution – or dry-cleaned. You may also vacuum these pillows to assist remove dust, though their materials are usually dust mite resistant.

How Can You WASH PILLOWS Within The Washer?

Individuals pillows that may be washed within the washer ought to be washed on ‘a 100ºF/40ºC wash utilizing a non-bio (enzyme-free) detergent – using in regards to a third from the usual amount,’ advise Jonathan and Emily Attwood, Founders, scooms.

To safeguard your washer, wash two pillows at the same time – this can keep your washer balanced since wet pillows are extremely heavy when spinning.

1. Take away the pillowcase/sham/pillow protectors – place these in to the washer simultaneously because the pillows if you want.

2. Add detergent then enter in a light, warm wash cycle. If at all possible, set your washer to some second rinse cycle. Otherwise, wait for a program to complete and operate a second rinse and spin cycle.

3. Following the spin cycle has finished, check how wet the pillows are. If they’re still heavy with water, spin them again. The goal is to allow them to be moist instead of wet and dripping.


You can’t wash foam pillows inside a washer – what are your choices to clean them? When the label does not advise dry-cleaning only, you might be able to hands wash yours.

1. First, take away the covers/shams/protectors and set these within the washer on the medium to hot wash.

2. Begin with vacuuming and place cleaning your foam pillow having a moist cloth drizzled with an answer of tepid to warm water and washing detergent.

3. Repeat if required.

4. If the does not work, fill your laundry room sink – or bathtub – having a couple of inches of tepid to warm water (sufficient to pay for the depth of the pillows), adding liquid detergent while you run the faucets, allowing you to have a shallow bubble bath for that pillow.