Can you wash clothes with towels? Care strategies for laundry

Mixing washing loads could be tempting in order to save time and effort but when you’re thinking of doing this, you may be wondering: are you able to wash clothes with towels?

Even though it is, obviously, quite possible to place whatever mixture of products you want in the dirty laundry hamper in to the machine and operate a washing cycle, it doesn’t always follow that it is list of positive actions.

Here, we check out the easiest method to wash clothes and towels with advice and laundry room ideas in the experts.


There’s two points to consider when washing towels: temperature and separation using their company products.

For that wash temperature, consider the labels in your towels. They’re prone to indicate the towels will go right into a hot wash. However, this isn’t a guide – they are able to alternatively be washed at lower temperatures.

Towels which are shared would be best washed in the hot temperature indicated for hygiene reasons. You have to towels which are heavily soiled, or maybe someone in your house comes with an infectious illness. Apart from that, though, it normally won’t need to go right into a hot temperature wash and could be washed inside a normal cycle with detergent.

For separation, it’s best that shared towels are washed inside a separate load, so when someone in your own home comes with an infectious illness towels ought to be washed individually using their company products.


Temperatures are crucial when buying a load for that washer. ‘Since most clothes ought to be washed in tepid to warm water or cold water (with respect to the fabric), it’s much simpler to clean and dry towels individually,’ suggest Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam, co-founders and company directors of UrbanMop.

However, if you are pleased to wash the towels in a lower temperature compared to maximum indicated around the tag, and bearing the rules above in your mind, mixing can be done.

Wayne Edelman, Chief executive officer of Meurice Outfit Care, which focuses on interior and wardrobe cleaning services, states, ‘We understand and cost that does not everybody has time for you to do 100 loads along with the facet of water waste. Should you have only just one towel, a set of jeans, a T-shirt, socks, and under garments, it might be a significant waste water, soap, and to complete multiple loads so that all products in a single load would totally work provided the T-kit is not some fancy designer factor. When the item is extremely delicate, you might not wish to mix having a towel or anything.’

If you’ve made the decision your individual response to the issue of are you able to wash clothes with towels is absolutely, there’s something you have to be conscious of, however. You shouldn’t use fabric conditioner whatsoever – or, for the most part, merely a little – when washing towels to keep towels soft and absorbent, which means this is going to influence what you decide to come up with within the drum.

Note additionally that new towels may shed fluff, so this is often a need to wash them like a separate load initially.

3. HOW SHOULD You Choose A Washer LOAD?

In answering the issue are you able to wash clothes with towels, you should note there are still guidelines you need to follow when choosing what adopts the device together.

‘You should keep like colors together,’ states Wayne. ‘It is worth noting that the light terry towel and dark sweatshirt can lead to lint on products.’

Think, too, concerning the nature from the pieces you’re intending to wash. ‘Try to help keep heavy products outside of lighter products,’ states Wayne. ‘For example, it’s not the best to clean a shower pad having a light cotton blouse for anxiety about the blouse being destroyed.’

The level that products are soiled ought to be considered when creating up a lot for that washer. ‘I wouldn’t mix dowels accustomed to wash and dry the golden retriever with all of those other laundry as everything is going to be covered within the dog’s hair,’ states Wayne. ‘Use good sense. You don’t want to combine heavy cleaning (vehicle wash) towels together with your nice clothes.’


One good reason you may choose that although the response to the issue are you able to wash clothes with towels is absolutely, you’ll still wish to wash them individually, may be the drying cycle.

Towels take more time to dry than clothes, so it’s important to monitor the clothes dryer cycle to swerve the hazards. ‘If you’re drying light products with heavy ones, always take away the light products when dry to avoid over drying,’ states Wayne.

‘Most shrinkage occurs over the past 16 to twenty percent of drying therefore we recommend dampening dry products to prevent shrinkage. Many new dryers have residual moisture controlled drying so utilize it to avoid shrinkage.’