Can you wash a mattress cover?

You might want to know if you’re able to wash a bed mattress cover for those who have just committed to a brand new bed mattress – or wish to extend using your overall one for many years. So, are you able to wash a bed mattress cover? The reply is: yes, but there’s a couple of points to consider first.

Bed mattress covers could be fixed or removable and to keep your separate bed mattress covers, also known as bed mattress protectors. Many modern foam mattresses have zip-off covers that can get into a washer around 104ºF. Zipping it well on could be tricky, especially if your bed mattress rules size or bigger, but when on, they remain in position perfectly and mean its not necessary to purchase yet another bed mattress cover.

Traditional sprung mattresses produced from natural fibers like cotton, made of woll and bamboo generally have fixed bed mattress covers, stitched in, that can’t be removed. Within this situation a bed mattress protector – offered individually – may be the solution.

Prevention is definitely much better than cure with regards to cleaning a bed mattress so we recommend a great bed mattress protector to help keep the sleep surface neat and sanitary,’ states Ross Thurston, operations manager at Millbrook Beds. ‘Not only will a protector prevent stains but it may be easily washed within the washer, unlike a bed mattress.’