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Choosing The Right Bed

Be it an evening full of shenanigans or a long or tiring day at work, we all long to be snuggled in our comfy bed at the end of the day. It is here that we spend a third of our life sleeping.

Sleep is not just a peaceful escape, our everyday mood and productivity depend on it in the long run, a good night’s sleep is considered as crucial as exercise and diet for our well-being. Thus, beds are not just any other furniture purchase, they’re an investment in our overall well-being.

Their long-term utility makes them a commitment too. So, before you jump headfirst into the world of beds, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right bed-

Budget: it help you narrow down options.

Purpose: Is it for the guest’s room or your elderly parents with back issues, or will it need to hold up to your jumpy kids?

Space: You’d also want to consider space i.e., where and how it’ll fit into your room.

Looks: Moreover, never underestimate the aesthetic factor. Beds can make or break your room’s allure. Before you finalize your selection, visualize how the bed will complement your overall theme and décor.

Read on to know more about the various bed types, materials, mattresses, and other factors you need to consider when shopping for a bed for your home.

Type Of Beds To Choose From

Let’s face it, we love bedtime and so it is only fair that when shopping for a bed frame, we put in the time and effort to pick the right one. Everyone’s sleeping needs are different and so are their style, budget and lifestyle. From storage requirements to personal space concerns, read on to understand the different types of beds available.

Single Bed

Single beds are simple, basic and super versatile in their purpose. They make a perfect choice for growing children as they enable easy modification. For example, they can be put side by side, or apart along the walls in a shared bedroom. Their versatility makes them popular in hotel rooms, dormitories and so on.
So, whether you’re looking to furnish your spare bedroom or the master, with a single bed, you are left with enough space that can be utilized in better ways. A single bed can also be used as a diwan in your living room, making it the perfect reading and sunbathing spot, especially in winters. Whatever be your requirement, you can start your search on Urban Ladder, you’ll find a wide collection of single beds for you to choose from.

Double Bed

Double beds offer the much-needed space for individuals who value the freedom to move around, even when they are sleeping. Double beds are also perfect for growing kids and for people who believe king-size is just too big for them.
If you’re someone who doesn’t have side tables in their bedroom or just has too many knick knacks lying around, you could also opt for a double that comes with storage or shelves along its headboard.

King Size Bed

We are sure you have heard of the age-old saying – “To sleep like a king”. With a king-size bed in your bedroom, you can ensure you and your partner get a good night’s sleep at the end of a long, tiring day.
If you have toddlers or pets who are fond of sneaking in for some midnight cuddles, a king size bed can accommodate them too. In case you have customized your bedroom with nothing but the best design and decor, a king size bed will add to the opulence the room needs to complete it. Or in case your master bedroom lacks that wow effect, a classy king size bed can really help in creating that awe. Just visit Urban Ladder, you can find diverse styles of King size beds to best suit your needs, they all come at varying price points to make your purchase easy on your pocket.

Queen Size Bed

No more tug of war for the blanket while you sleep as the Queen size bed makes for a comfortable and cozy fit for two adults. It enables a perfect balance between personal space and togetherness. The size ensures that the room looks well-filled without eating up too much space. Handy in nature, they can be used over the years for master bedrooms, guest rooms, teen bedrooms, and much more. When in doubt, go for a classy wooden queen size bed and you won’t regret it. Dress it up with beautiful linens and you’ve got yourself an easy and beautiful room set-up, bound to last.

Box Bed

Box beds are the champion of maximizing utility and space in the most stylish way. They are an ultramodern choice for people with all kinds of tastes, and the add-on storage is but obviously advantageous.
Their sharp frame also lends an edgy modernist look to any room. You can also leave behind the worries of a tight budget when your head and heart is set on getting a box bed. At Urban Ladder, you can find some of the best offers in the market, that too is only a click away.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a popular choice for children sharing rooms. They save plenty of space for kids to indulge in all things that quench their curiosity: games, study, art & craft, and whatnot. Even the process of styling and decorating a bunk bed is also super fun.
Urban lifestyle has led to these space-saving cool beds being adapted into multiple functions. They’re gaining popularity with adults too, and are becoming primary choices in dormitories and hostels. At Urban Ladder, you’ll find bunk beds in styles ranging from subtle to quirky, you can find one to fall in love with, in no time.

Different Types Of Material To Consider From

Do you change your interior themes regularly or prefer sticking with a classy design for a long period, or do you move around often, or are you picking a bed for your dream home? These are some of the important factors you need to consider before deciding on the material of your bed frame. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate through this hurdle

Single Wood Bed

Single wood beds have been around forever and still haven’t lost their charm. They look classy and are a very practical choice. The frames prove to be durable and are easy to clean. Their versatility is also unmatched. Cozy cottage, classic mansion, edgy studio to modern minimalist, a wood bed (of apt design) goes with every style. As they are crafted from a variety of woods, with different patterns, textures and colours, it means every single wood bed is a unique piece in itself.

Engineered Wood

Also well known as composite wood, this manmade wood material is of prime quality. If you want a classic wooden bed look for your bedroom but are tight on budget, engineered wood bed should be your go-to choice. They also are more moisture-resistant and don’t fall prey to holes easily. For someone who likes to play around with themes and decor often, engineered wood beds are apt as they can be sanded and refinished with ease. And for all our sustainability enthusiasts, engineered wood beds are the most sensible choice.

Metal Bed

Nothing stands the test of time like a metal bed does. They also make for a big style statement in a bedroom. At Urban Ladder, you’ll find a collection of metal beds truly unique and diverse. Pair it with bold color wall decor or use airy linens to make a canopy for a softer touch. With a metal bed, there is plenty of room to play around with the theme. So, if you’re looking for a stylish and durable option, head straight over to the metal bed section on Urban Ladder.

Things To Consider While Buying Mattresses

Your job is not done with finding the right bed frame, the mattress also plays a critical role in getting a good night’s sleep. Your perfect mattress might not be the same as your next door neighbour’s because what might be right for them might not address your requirements at all.
When choosing a mattress for yourself, self-awareness comes in very handy. Keep in mind your preferences regarding the firmness, texture, material, and similar other factors. Secondly, zoom in on the concerns you would like to address: do you or your partner have chronic neck or back pain, do you suffer from insomnia, how important is your posture for you? Apart from these, also consider other factors such as cost, durability, convenience, bed frame size, and height as well.

Mattress Types

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses have been used widely. They’re inexpensive and come in a wide range of firmness levels. That’s what makes them still desirable. How well it supports your body weight depends on the density of the foam, this is something you must always look out for when buying a foam mattress. Keep in mind that the higher the density, the more the mattress will turn out to be resilient and durable.
The foam mattress is also pretty decent at thermal conduction. In simple words, it works well to adapt to your body temperature and preserve heat. Motion transfer is also moderately good, but some disturbance might be felt at the other end, even though not very severely.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have seen heightened popularity lately. Designed to adapt to your body and sleeping position, it promotes spine alignment while putting less pressure on the hips and shoulders. Taking weight off pressure points helps in relieving pain, a major reason for its universal fame.
With the right memory foam mattress you won’t have to worry about your partner’s wild dreams and the resulting tossing and turning either, as it is designed to give good motion isolation. On top of that, durability and resilience is upto the mark. One complaint that’s common with users is that of heat, so it doesn’t make the perfect fit for very hot climates or those who like to remain cool while sleeping, but it proves useful in colder environments.

Spring Mattress

Bet you’ve come across one (probably in a hotel) and bounced on it to the point of complete exhaustion. But they’re not all about fun. The coil underneath gives a firm surface to keep the spine aligned, best suitable for back and stomach sleepers. As the coils are extended to the edge of the mattress, it allows for sitting or sleeping at the edge with firm and comfy support.
Spring mattress is also more breathable and keeps cooler than other kinds. They also last longer and are pocket-friendly too. One drawback is low on pressure support so not the best choice for people with chronic hip, shoulder or back pain.

Latex Mattress

They are peculiarly similar to memory foam mattresses, one exception being the use of rubber trees, a replenishable natural resource. Another stark contrast is that of more bounce and liveliness, along with being way more resilient. The natural cooling element of a latex mattress also makes for a cozy sleeping place, best suitable for hot sleepers.
Latex mattresses are naturally mould and dust mite resistant, without the use of any added chemicals, this is yet another reason they are on the “check out” list for all the eco-friendly shoppers. However, the cradled feel of memory foam is missing, so definitely not the best fit for people looking for pressure relief, especially in the shoulder and hip region.

Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopaedic mattress can be made from various materials like memory foam, innerspring, or latex, mixed with other materials like gel foam. What sets them apart is that they ensure your spine is well supported and that pressure is evenly distributed along the length of the body.
The primary function is to provide improved spinal alignment and relief from back and joint pain, making it ideal for people who have back pains and aches, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other related conditions. Its roll-together impact is also quite powerful, enabling comfortable sleep for both the partners. One indirect benefit is that these mattresses save your money that would otherwise have been used to pay for medical bills. The only downfall being their heavy frame.

Coir Mattress

Believed to have originated in India, coir mattresses are made using coir fibers or coconut fiber, obtained by removing coconut husk. Their modern-day version is made using thai coir in combination with other types of foam. They are temperature-friendly and have good air circulation, thus facilitating a calm, cosy and cool sleep.
Allergy-resistance is one of their unique features unmatched by other mattresses. They are naturally less prone to bed bugs, dust mites and other seasonal allergens. Low on maintenance requirements, they score well on motion transfer and resilience too, almost as good as other high-end mattresses. Coir mattress offers a super eco-friendly option at really reasonable prices. However, for people less inclined towards firmer surfaces, they might not be the best option.

Firmness Level

Knowing your sleep position is the first step to understanding the support and firmness that your body will predominantly require while asleep. This obviously comes in very handy when you are looking to buy a new mattress for your homes. The three primary categories are: side, back, and stomach sleeper. There’s also the combination sleeper – someone who changes positions while sleeping.
For side sleepers who need support largely for their shoulders and hips, a medium-soft mattress in the range of 3 to 7 firmness such as latex and memory foam works best. The small population of back sleepers find themselves most comfortably on a medium-firm mattress such as pocketed coils with a latex top (5-8 firmness).
For stomach sleepers, a mattress with ranging between 6-9 firmness works well to keep the spine aligned. The case of combination sleepers is tricky. The key is to find your dominant position and choose a mattress with moderate firmness ranging between 3 to 8.

Body Type

It is no surprise body type is an important factor when considering the firmness of mattresses. For people with below average body weight, softer mattresses with a less dense foam are suitable. Soft mattress prevents the body from sinking deep into the mattress and provides proper support, ensuring good spine alignment. In case you sleep on your back or stomach, go for one with a thinner comfort layer.
For sleepers on the heavier side, a 12-13 inches thick mattress with high-density foam works best. Soft mattresses may exert too much pressure on the hips and shoulders and increase the spine curvature, leading to problems of the joints and muscles. Also, check for a compatible support layer to keep your spine properly aligned.
Being an average weight sleeper does provide more options but you can’t get away with picking anyone. Focus on body shape and sleeping position to get the best-personalized experience.

Sleep Concerns

Regularly waking up with soreness or muscular pain could be clear evidence that your mattress is not best suited to your sleeping needs or has worn out, losing its ability to support and keep your spine aligned. Further disregard of these signs and continued long term use of such mattresses could be catastrophic to your health. Choosing the right mattress can make all the difference.

Busting earlier myths, research shows medium-firm mattresses rather than very firm mattresses are best suited for people with back pain. While if you are experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, or other key pressure points, like shoulders and hips, a medium-firm foam mattress may provide the much-needed support and pressure relief, thus optimizing the quality of sleep.

Buying Quality Sleep

We couldn’t stress more upon the significance of sleep in our daily functioning as well as overall health and wellbeing. To buy the right bed and mattress is equivalent to investing in your health. Technically, it’s quality sleep you’re buying. And it’s one of those things you don’t want to show up unprepared for.

The first step is to observe and understand your own sleep routine and needs. Second is to do a bit of homework and dive into the various types of \bed frames, materials, mattresses, etc. available in the market. Having clarity about budget and purpose also helps you narrow down your options. While you’re at it, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the aesthetic aspect.

Remember, once you start waking up refreshed and energized, ready to seize the day, you’ll know that all the extra time and effort was well spent indeed.