Buying designer furniture – how to invest in original and iconic design

Buying legendary designer furniture and lights are a good investment however the justifications are all around. Pieces which are timeless, used every single day and serve you for a lifetime would be the essence of excellent interior planning – plus they may be passed lower the generations for many years, ticking sustainability boxes in route.

Buying is definitely most effectively achieved using the heart and if you wish to prosper when it comes to investment you should be pleased to have a risk, recommends designer Ebba Thott, co-founding father of Sigmar London that is located in London’s King’s Road. ‘I would always recommend purchasing from someone you trust when you are also getting the benefit of the understanding of the individual you’re purchasing from.’

When the old maxim of buy once, buy well will be accepted, how can you start purchasing original and legendary design? Leading experts within the field share their some tips.


What’s going to constitute a bit of classic bit of designer furniture – any type of the perception of the house – is really a million-dollar question: simple to answer retrospectively although not very easy to calculate, states Priya Khanchandani, mind of Curatorial and Interpretation and also the Design Museum working in london.

‘Design which has was the ages is generally functional, instantly recognizable, simple to use as well as in a method that does not pander to momentary trends, even when it is a product of their era.’

She uses the instance from the Anglepoise lamp (above), created by the vehicle suspension designer George Carwardine in 1931, like a classic example.

‘A house is very personal, so I’m sure that although design classics count purchasing, the way forward for the house is also about personal expression. Mixing up with pieces that you’re drawn to, have relevance for you or attach recollections, is permitted. The prettiest houses, in the end, really are a site for individual expression. The 1800s home of Mister John Soane, now a museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, implies that an area which is used like a dense and private canvas can itself be a classic.’


There are lots of types of great works of design that imitate facets of other classics. However when will a friendly quotation or reference inside the design industry mix the road in to the realms of copycatting?

‘I think we’re inside a harmful position inside a world where a large number of images can be found globally and many aren’t precisely catalogued and referenced. It is not easy to inform if something is definitely an original and nearly impossible to make certain,’ cautions bespoke furniture and interior decorator and designer Tim Gosling.

Certainly one of Tim’s favorite pieces may be the Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann desk, developed in the 1920s. ‘It is definitely an legendary piece and I have tried personally aspects of the form within my own designs. There’s an exquisite desk in gray Harewood and very. I consider this as inspired imitation, that is not even close to the copycat realm.’

An individual bugbear for Tim may be the overuse at work blocks from the Barcelona chair, created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for that German Pavilion in Barcelona. ‘I have the large numbers of imitations has removed the special moment and true essence of the legendary design and contains been taken not even close to its original use like a throne for that King and Queen.’

An legendary bit of design that Tim has bought may be the Greek Discobolus statue, that they sourced by auction at Christie’s. ‘It’s legendary since the Romans copied the Greek statue also it was utilized over the whole empire. The Greek piece has his mind searching up in the discus… the Roman piece has got the mind facing forward because it was regarded as more beautiful.’


The best way forward would be to investigate so that you can comprehend the provenance of the piece, states interior designer Suzy Hoodless whose hallmark is mixing eras and designs in her own schemes (above).

‘Most importantly, purchase from a trustworthy and suggested supplier or ah. It isn’t always easy to find comparative prices and surely an excellent start if at all possible and spend what’s appropriate for you, adhere to your budget.’

The key to purchasing well within the second hands market (just like new) is to find that which you love. Sturdy getting an instinct along with a understanding the piece will probably be along with you forever, explains Suzy.

‘I purchased a unusual Finn Juhl Chieftain sofa (above) once, it had been of three different dealers all from various countries. However they counseled me recognized to me, I reliable them, so we negotiated to purchase the piece in the right cost. If you purchase good design, you won’t just like it forever, but it’ll stand the ages and hold its value otherwise rise in value.’